Friday, March 12, 2010

In honor of SXSW. And then a lengthy digression.

In honor of SXSW, I present to you my very first blog post, 2 years ago, entitled "I'm so sick of SXSW." Enjoy.

Hey, that's an easy way to get out of creating new content! No matter. Sentiment remains the same.

(And please, for the love of God, I beg you, please do not send me notes congratulating me on my "blogaversary" or the like. I remain fundamentally opposed to any cobbled-together words beginning with "blog." Generic called them portmanteau and that word didn't turn out to mean what I thought it meant but after I looked it up our conversation made a lot more sense since it means a cobbled-together word and not a French butler.)

(Speaking of not knowing what words mean, The Sister is kind of famous for this. She thought "teetotaler" meant a troublemaker, so to her, the sentence "Looks like the teetotalers are comng!" was fraught with danger.)

(She also used to use the word "touche" just as a general sort of conversational punctuation, until she found out its proper use. Like someone would say "That's it, I'm out of here" and she would say "Touche.")

(I love The Sister to death and I don't mean to make fun of her. Her little quirks are more endearing than embarrassing.)

So, yeah. I don't want to hear about SXSW. Have a nice weekend. Unless you're at SXSW. Then I hope you miss the Datarock show and have to walk back to your hotel in the rain.

(Also, I'm not changing the Random Flickr Image of the Day today because (1) nobody ever notices it or cares about it anyway, I surmise, and (2) I like the current image a lot.)


Anonymous said...

I have the following things to say:

- Lewis Carroll came up with the term portmanteau to describe cramming multiple words into one. I think.

- That thing about using 'touche' as random conversational punctuation is so great. I wanna start doing it.

- I somewhat appreciate the random flickr image of the day, but what I really like the 40goingon28 fun facts. So I would support you spending less time on the former if it meant more on the latter, although I recognize that those are probably harder to come up with.

Rocco said...
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Rocco said...

just FYI, i still use touche that way. have also added 2012 to the repertoire, per your suggestion.
person A: "food's here!"
person B: "2012."