Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm so sick of SXSW

Look! It's a show at SXSW in Austin! Look at us! Aren't we cool!


Listen, I don't know about you, but I am fucking sick of hearing about South by Southwest. You can't turn on your favorite indie/alt/whatever Interwebs news source this week without reading about WHAT! A! FABULOUS! TIME! we're having at SXSW this year. HEY! I just drank a Lone Star with the sweaty guy from Ratatat! Yay! Go me!

I have to admit, it's because I'm sort of insanely jealous. OF COURSE I want to hang out at Emo's with the Redwalls and talk about what possibly could have happened to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. OF COURSE I want to bump into Chuck Klosterman at my Days Inn pool. But I'm not there, obviously.

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Allan said...

my cousin is 15 years old and leads a band of other 15 year olds called pqo (, and they're so good their label sent them to sxsw. i think this is why sxsw is good. for every over-hyped vampire weekend, there's some group of honest-to-goodness young people that get to get down. here's pqo doing so: