Monday, March 31, 2008

Today's Top 5

1. In case you missed it, I got engaged to the Super Hot Irish Girlfriend. Scroll down a bit for deets.

2. It's Opening Day! Baseball season is upon us! And the Giants are already down, 3-0 in the 2nd inning!

3. As we know, the start of baseball season coincides with the start of Outdoor Drinking Season.

Ahhh, Zeitgeist. We shall see each other soon.

4. Drop-off laundry service. I used to be at laundry's mercy. Now laundry serves me, ever since I started dropping it off. I figure it costs about $5 more per week. Is it worth $5 not to schlep my laundry down to the laundromat and sit there waiting for it? Oh yes. Yes, yes yes. If you're still doing your own laundry, you probably think Sylvia Browne is really psychic and eat at Red Lobster.

5. Having the day off work for Cesar Chavez Day. Thanks, California taxpayers!

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