Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm like totally engaged

Short version: Asked Super Hot Irish Girlfriend to marry me. She said yes. Don't worry, there's no Green Card motivation or anything; she already has dual citizenship.

Long version:

Me and the S.H.I.G. drove up to Napa Saturday morning. We were staying at Silverado Resort, which is like a collection of condos that appear to have been decorated by your grandmother. Check out this furniture that was in our condo:

Hideous, huh? Looks like something Vintage Microwave would be all over. But we're not here for the furniture, right?

So we hit a few wineries - Peju, which was OK, I guess, and then Cakebread, which was really good, I thought. They had a Reserve Chardonnay that was excellent, but I forgot by the time the tasting was over and bought the Sauvignon Blanc instead.

Got a bite to eat and then hit up Domaine Carneros. I had the sparkling wines flight and really liked the Vintage Brut, and I don't usually like sparkling wine at all. So S.H.I.G. bought a bottle of that. THIS IS FORESHADOWING.

Go back to the resort, open the bottle of champagne (or I guess you're not allowed to call it that - it's "sparkling wine," sorry). So we're sitting around Grandma's condo and I'm trying to get my nerve up. And I realize that we're almost out of champagne and it would suck to propose right when we ran out of champagne. (Or sparkling wine, sorry). So I turn the TV off (slick, huh?) and I kneeled down in front of her and she totally saw it coming. She goes "No! Awkward! Awkward!" and started laughing. But I busted out the ring and said, "Will you marry me?" and she burst into tears and said "Yes."


I know, right? Any bigger and she's need a sling to hold her arm up. That's how I roll.
Oh, and today on the drive from Napa to Petaluma (where we stopped for breakfast and overheard this horrifying story, but I'll get to that another time), we drove right into the Windows start-up screen.

And that's how I came to be engaged.

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Rocco said...

SHIG has very petite hands! kind of like the very petite ring you bought her! {{{LOLZ}}}