Thursday, March 27, 2008

The homeless report

Today I was standing at the corner of Mission and Spear when a homeless guy pushing a cart full of bottles and cans came towards the trash can next to which I stood. (You can see the actual trash can in the pic - look lower left.) As he got closer, he said to me, "Are you still masturbating? You know that sin's gonna keep chasing you." So I guess I'm fucked!

There's another homeless guy I see every day in Civic Center Plaza. Or at least I assume he's homeless. He shows up every day and sits by the grass, lights incense, and sometimes bangs on a cowbell or something that sounds like a cowbell. I assume he's homeless because he asked me for 25 cents once. He's there like all day, every day. You know what he made me realize? Being homeless, apart from all the problems you'd expect, is probably fucking boring. I can't imagine sitting out there all day with no Internet or TV or even a book.

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Allan said...

not to be contrary or something, but my dad's favorite story to tell when somebody says "he must be homeless" is as follows. my dad knew some dude who knew some dude who had no legs and rolled around on a skateboard in some populated area asking for 25 cents. at the end of the day, dude rolled back to his bmw, hundreds of dollars in quarters in hand. dude was earning a dope living. so my dad says, "don't assume".