Monday, October 29, 2012

World Series Game 4: Is this real? Did that really just happen?

THIS JUST IN: Giants have NO CHANCE, none, to win World Series.

ELL OH FUCKING ELL.  By now, the smell of burnt couch outside your window has made it clear: The San Francisco Giants have won their second World Series in 2 years.  Basically any year that Buster Posey isn't injured, they win the World Series.  This will get tiring in about 3 or 4 years.

(This seems as good a time as any to remind everyone how I said on October 12 the Giants would win the World Series. WHERE'S MY CHECK, ESPN?)

OK.  On to the game:

* It's funny or something that the worst starter for the Giants in the Series was Matt Cain.  He didn't suck or anything, but in this Series, if you didn't pitch a shutout, you weren't very good.  Cain gave up, what, 2 home runs last night?  ANYWAY, he was fine.  YOU'RE FINE MATT CAIN.  I'm not trying to bitch or anything.  It's just that.....

* BARRY MOTHERFUCKING ZITO.  And then TIM LINCECUM.  And then JEREMY AFFELDT.  Here's how this shit went down.  Before the season started, they got together and said "Let's lie low this season and make everyone think we suck and then teams will get lulled into a false sense of security and then BLAMMO in the playoffs we will rock and shock America!  HAHAHAHAH  LET'S DO IT."

* Tim Lincecum.  I mean, come the fuck on.  The plan next year should be to start Mota or Lopez or someone, let him pitch about 2 innings, and then bring Tim in for the rest of the game because he is LETHAL as a reliever.  He just can't start!  We figured it out!


TA-DAAAAAAAAA!!!! Thanks, everyone!
Ryan Theriot scored the winning run in the 10th when he was driven in by the GUY WHO STOLE HIS JOB, Marco Scutaro.

* Wow, Phil Coke struck out the first 7 Giants he faced in the World Series?  WOW.  Really?  Also, doesn't he seem a little drunk in this video?  I guess he coulda hit the bottle between losing the game and being interviewed, but whoa, that was fast!

* Also, we need to briefly talk about Fox.  Fox is the Worst Thing That's Ever Happened in History.  On the field, there is an exciting Game 4 of the World Series.  Fox paid a large sum of money to broadcast this game.  So Fox spends an entire inning in an EXTREME CLOSEUP of Justin Verlander's face.  They are interviewing him at length WHILE THE GAME IS GOING ON.  Now, Justin Verlander at least plays baseball for one of the teams involved.  Another lengthy in-game interview was with the winner of some contest.  Fox should no longer be allowed to televise sporting events.  If Fox was televising the moon landing, they would have a lengthy interview with some dork pushing buttons at Mission Control while Neil Armstrong trots around the lunar surface.

So that's it.  Second World Series win in 3 years.  Everybody surprised.  Hell, I"M surprised.  Let's do it again next year.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Eschewing my normal routine of watching Giants World Series games at home, I headed out with some associates to Nickie's on Haight Street (WARNING SITE AUTOPLAYS MUSIC WHY YOU HAVE TO DO THAT NICKIE'S) last night.  Normally I have to watch games in a controlled environment because I get tense and nervous and can't have some chick over my shoulder yelling for a Midori Sour or complaining loudly about her boyfriend but I was like fuck it, Giants are feeling loose and so am I.

It was packed.  PACKED.  They weren't letting anyone else in after like 5:30 and so this very exclusive crowd sailed off together on the SS Making Shit Happen and generally had a great time.

What happened?  Here's what happened:

* Ryan Vogelsong went 5 2/3 innings which doesn't sound like much but also doesn't convey how totally dominant he was.  He walked a few and scatted a couple of hits but basically the Tigers were never really in it.  He was really good.

* And then TIM LINCECUM.  Tim!  What a story.  From consecutive Cy Youngs to the worst starting pitcher in the major leagues to the best reliever in World Series history I think I may be wrong about that but I'm pretty sure and it seems like it.  He just casually came in and struck out 3 guys and really, it wasn't cool or funny to beat up on people like that.  It was just MEAN what he did.  They were swinging at shit in the dirt and looking around like they were on Punk'd because how can someone throw a baseball and make it do shit like that.  Fucking insane.

* The Giants didn't score much but you only need to win by 1 and they got 2 just for the fuck of it.  Both in the second inning and then no more scoring at all.  In any other context, this is fucking boring.  In baseball, it's thrilling and gut-wrenching.  Well, sorta.  You have to be into baseball.

* Hunter Pence!  Remember all those times Hunter Pence was terrible and couldn't hit baseballs and generally looked even more insane than normal?  WELL WELL last night Hunter Pence just went 2 for 3 with a walk and a run scored and also caught EVERY SINGLE BALL HIT INTO THE OUTFIELD and now I will pick Hunter Pence first for kickball and I want him on my Birthing Team when my child is born and I'm totally cool with Hunter Pence just dropping by unannounced at 11:00 p.m. on a Sunday to smoke a little weed and we'll put some of those frozen TGI Friday's mozzarella sticks in the oven and watch Adult Swim together.

Vice called Hunter Pence "a one-man SOON meme who runs as if his feet were being remote-controlled by two different seven-year-olds" so if the shoe fits....

*Haha, on you can totally choose "Giants recap" or "Tigers recap". That's great!  They should do that for everything, so like the "Israelite recap" is "PLAGUES RAIN DOWN AS ISRAELITES KICK EGYPTIAN ASS" and the Egyptian recap is "GUEST WORKERS UNEXPECTEDLY DEPART; NILE NOW PLEASING SHADE OF RED".  Anyway, looks pretty good for the Giants now. Did I just do an Exodus joke? What am I, working a room in the Catskills in 1952?

* Please don't let Hector Sanchez be the DH again.  PLEEEEEASE.

OK!  Let's get out there tonight and have a good game, people.  Mission residents, GET YOUR MATTRESSES READY!

Friday, October 26, 2012

World Series Game 2: Nothin But a B Thing

You know those poor misguided people who continue to insist that baseball is....BORING?  Can you imagine such a thing?

Last night's game isn't going to change any of their minds. Unlike Wednesday night's Score-plosion Home-Run-apalooza, last night was more like a Why-Isn't-Anyone-Moving-A-Thon.  Game 1 was cathartic; Game 2 was scientific.  Game 1 was a fight in the schoolyard; Game 2 was a meeting of the Chess Club.  OK, I'm done here. I love a good pitcher's duel as much as the next guy, but I also like it when Things Happen.  Last night's most exciting play was A BUNT THAT DIDN'T ROLL FOUL.

Have you passed out from excitement yet?
I'm not bitching, though.  Giants win 2-0 behind a STELLAR performance from Madison Bumgarner (and THANK GOD we weren't treated to another Tim McCarver exegesis on Bumgarner's hometown of Hickory, North Carolina, and the many many Bumgarners who live within) and scoring two runs in the lamest possible ways, on a double play groundout and a Hunter Pence sacrifice fly.  Hunter Pence!  Even when he does something good, HE STILL MAKES AN OUT.  HUNTER PENCE FEVER:  CATCH IT!!!!!!!

Oh, and the Tigers' starting pitcher Doug Fister got NAILED by a line drive in the head, got up, answered a few questions, correctly responded that he was in 'San Francisco" and it was "Game 2" and then PITCHED FOUR MORE INNINGS.  What the fuck?  You might want to get that looked at, Doug Fister.

In the end, we were left withe scowling visage of Tigers CEO David Dombrowski and a 2-zip lead in the series.

Now we go to Detroit. I don't know what will happen there but I guarantee you will read at least one newspaper story about how gritty and real Detroit is and how the Tigers haven't given up in the face of adversity, just like the citizens of Detroit. And maybe also about how Delmon Young hates Jews.

UPDATE: Here it is!  Thanks, CW Nevius!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

World Series Game 1: Verlanderp

I. Am. An idiot.

Yesterday, I watched ticket prices for last night's game on StubHub fall below $300 apiece for reasonably good seats by 3:30 p.m.  It was actually amazing how cheap they were getting.  But did I say "Oh, fuck it, I can't pass this up, I gotta go"?  NO OF COURSE NOT.

No, you see, I was planning to go tonight because I bought into the lamestream media narrative about how Justin Verlander was UNHITTABLE and would not only throw a perfect game but would probably also hit a grand slam.  The media coronation of Verlander was so complete that I didn't want to drop $700 to see the Giants lose.  I should have listened to the Verlander truthers who were laughed at for suggesting that last night would be an inside job and a repeat of Verlander's last World Series start, against the Cardinals in 2006, when he gave up 6 runs in 5 innings for a 10.80 ERA.  LAUGHED AT. 

So you know what happened.  This time, Verlander changed it up a little and only went 4 innings and gave up 5 runs for an 11.25 ERA.

Wait, I think I've seen this movie before!  Remember what they told us before Game 1 of the 2010 series?  I do, because I used my rapier-like wit on it then:

Cliff Lee is the most ungodly pitiching talent you will ever see. He throws 105 miles per hour and strikes out the guy selling churros in the stands, that's how good he is. If the Giants somehow manage to cobble together one run by cheating or divine intervention, it will truly be a Fatima-level miracle. This kid makes Sandy Koufax look like Salomon Torres after a three-day bender. Plus, he's from Arkansas, so he's a Real American.

Cliff Lee got chased in the 5th and the Giants won 11-7. Last night, Verlander got chased after 4 and the Giants won 8-3. 

Moving on.  PABLO SANDOVAL.  PABLO SANDOVAL.  He hit 3 home runs last night, or roughly 4 more than people expected.  That's right, Verlander is so good he can throw NEGATIVE HOME RUNS that actually take a run off the board.  But not last night!  Pablo joins Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Albert Pujols as the 4th guy in history to hit 3 home runs in a World Series game.  I was going to make a Babe Ruth fat joke here but I held off.

After the second one, Verlander was so shocked he just goes "Wow."  HOW FUNNY IS THAT.

I haven't even gotten to the pitching and the Amazing Story of Where the Fuck Has This Barry Zito Been for the Last Five Years but you people have the attention spans of fruit flies so my time here is drawing short.  There are many more games left to play and it's unlikely that the Giants will sweep so EVERYBODY KEEP FOCUSED and we have a long way to go blah blah blah.

(Oh, one other thing, because it can't be all sunshine and roses: Hunter Pence, dude, you seem like a good guy, but what the fuck?  You used to be able to hit?  What the fuck happened to you?  Did you participate in a some kind of black magic ritual and transfer all your Baseball Strength to Barry Zito?  I mean, that's cool and everything, but I hope he's taking care of you because you look like a tweaked-out gardener swinging a brush cutter up there.)


(To close my thought from above, about why I'm an idiot for thinking I could even go tonight: As of this second (10:14 a.m.), there are a paltry 1,451 tickets available on StubHub, starting at $540 for Standing Room Only.  Yesterday afternoon there were around 8,000 tickets left, and you could get good seats for $300.  Amazing what a win will do.  Also, needless to say, I'm not going tonight.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Detroit sportswriter calls AT&T Park wimpy; ignores fact that Comerica Park is basically Tinkerbell's summer place

Oh, for fuck's sake, here we go again.  Every time a lazy sportswriter from out of town comes to SF and isn't smart enough to write about the actual sport or its participants, he or she (but always he) rolls out the lazy trope of "SF fans are wimpy because they like sushi and wine".  This week's example is brought to us by Jeff Seidel of the Detroit Free Press, whose boss should really ask him why the fuck he is filing stories like this.

SAN FRANCISCO – Now, the San Francisco Giants have a talented team.

And they play in an amazing, beautiful stadium in an unbelievable setting near San Francisco Bay. It’s breathtaking.

But there is no way the Detroit Tigers can lose to these guys. They would never live it down.

First of all, the Giants have a Build-A-Bear Workshop in the stands behind leftfield at AT&T Park. Seriously. How the heck can you lose to a team where the fans can go to a game and stuff a teddy bear and then buy a cute little outfit?

Can you imagine that in Detroit?

Get real.

We’d run them out of town, just because it sounds so wimpy.

And then they have a giant slide, which looks like a McDonald’s play station on steroids.

Yeah, the Tigers have a carousel. But carousels are cool. 

Wait, what? The Tigers have a carousel in the stadium and you're throwing shade on the Build-A-Bear Workshop? Are you fucking kidding me? Carousels are so wimpy there's a musical called "Carousel."

Manly-type amusement

We also have the inevitable complaints about the concessions.

AT&T Park isn’t a baseball stadium. It’s an exotic food court that happens to have a baseball field.

Few San Francisco fans would ever lower themselves to eating a beer and a brat. Or even a coney.

They sit there -- decked out in orange and black, waving orange towels -- watching their Giants while eating garlic fries, crab sandwiches on grilled sourdough bread, clam chowder, fried calamari, sweet potato fries with cinnamon and chipotle sprinkle, and clove garlic chicken sandwiches.

Others can be found drinking margaritas, Irish coffee and an assortment of wines. 

Meanwhile, the Big Cat Food Court at Comerica Park features a frozen daiquiri stand, because nothing says "baseball" like frozen daiquiris.  How about veggie teriyaki from the Asian Tiger stand in the food court, Jeff?  Is that a challenge to your masculinity, too?

(I also note that, of course, there is a selection of wine available as well.)

The last thing I want to do is to get into a pissing match with some idiot from Detroit.  The problem isn't the hack-y attempt to call Giants fans weak; it's that the lame-ass fucking story has already been done to death.  Jeff's editor should dock his pay for turning in shit like this.  It's like going to Detroit and using the terms "bombed-out", "abandoned", "Beirut-like", "savage hellhole", or "pale shadow of its former self, robbed of all dignity and pride".  We've seen that story before.  Try writing about the game or something.

(And, in all fairness, when Scott Ostler files his inevitable slice-of-Detroit-stereotype story for the Chronicle, I'll make fun of him too.)

[UPDATE: I guess I'm a hack, too, since everyone in the Bay Area is teeing off on this article also.  The SFWeekly article even has the advantage of sounding JUST LIKE MINE! Sorry.]

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just like I called it

On October 12, just after the Giants won Game 5 against the Reds to pull out a miraculous comeback in that series, I was emailing with Periqueblend about the Giants' chances.  Here's what I said:

No, after that series, now I think they are going to go to, and win, the World Series.  If they can overcome being 2 games down to an arguably better team and have the starting pitching be average at best, and usually not that good, until the last game, when it was slightly above average, and win, they can pretty much do anything.  I think all the teams left in the playoffs would be frightened of them right now because they don't make sense.  If you KNOW how your opponent wins, you can strategize against it. But you can't prepare for a team when you can't figure out how the fuck they do what they do.  Tim Lincecum, worst starting pitcher in the majors?  Oh, he'll just come on and pitch like a Cy Young winner.  Stuff like that.  How do prepare for that?
I guess I was right!  Tell you one thing, though, NO ONE expected the Giants to outscore the Cardinals 20-1 in the last 3 games.  That is some next level shit.

And now here we are with the Giants back in the World Series and I have to keep reminding myself that I have a baby on the way and I can't drop $1000 on WS tickets.  Right?  I mean, I can't, right?  RIGHT? 

I mean, that would just be ridiculous.

Let's talk again after Game 1. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Unbelievable, Part III

At the end of the day on October 18, the St. Louis Cardinals had a 3-1 lead in the best of seven National League Championship Series against the Giants.  There were 3 games left, and all the Cardinals had to do was win 1 of them.  Easy, right?  If you had Germany invade France 3 times, France would win at least one of those.  There was no way the Giants were going to the World Series. 

So on October 19, Barry Zito went out to pitch for the Giants.  Barry's had a complicated relationship with Giants fans, mostly because he makes more money than God and had pretty much sucked since he got here.  But on this night, he pitched what was probably the best game he's ever pitched as a Giant, and they won, 5-0.  That did not just happen.  You are fucking kidding me.  So the series comes back to SF.

Last night, Ryan Vogelsong was pitching for the Giants.  He was a career journeyman Minor Leaguer/Guy Who Plays in Japan Like Tom Selleck in Mr. Baseball until he signed with the Giants and magically turned into Greg Maddux II.  Last night he set his own career record for strikeouts and the Giants won 6-1.

The crappy defense of the Cardinals helped, in all honesty.  Here's Daniel Descalso trying to field with his molars, courtesy of SB Nation:

So now it's 3-3.  Literally no one believed there would be a Game 7 after the Giants looked as bad as they did in the 3 games they lost.  Also, it's hard to beat a team twice in a row, especially one that's good enough to be in the National League Championship Series.

And tonight the Giants' best pitcher this year, Matt Cain, is up.  He's looked suspiciously human so far in the playoffs, but that's just him luring the Cardinals into a false sense of security so he can go all Matt Cain on them, I bet.  We'll see.

I'll tell you one thing, though.  This whole thing is pretty fucking unbelievable.

Friday, October 19, 2012

TK's Overnight Trips: Yosemite National Park

22 years I've lived in California and I've never been to Yosemite!  What the fuck.  So when Moms said she wanted to road trip somewhere, I figured let's kill two birds with one stone.  One of them could be Mom!  JOKE.  Sort of.  Anyway, off we went to Yosemite on Wednesday morning.

Drive drive drive.  Finally get to Yosemite around 1:30 p.m.  It's beautiful, just as advertised.

Here's the thing with Mom: she is a fucking pain in the ass to travel with.  Me and The Wife are kind of casual, hey-whatever-happens-happens travelers, but Mom is FOCUSED and DIALED IN and that means LET'S GET TO THE VISITOR CENTER ASAP because a trip MUST BEGIN with a visit to the Visitor Center. 

In Yosemite, the parking area for the Visitor Center is about a 1/2 mile away from the VC.  Mom's getting up there and she doesn't walk so fast and so we spent a good hour of daylight in the 24 hours we have in Yosemite slowly walking along a pathway between a parking lot and a Visitor Center that, upon arrival, Mom decided she wasn't that interested in.

But don't get me wrong; it is a truly stunning place.  Yesterday morning we took about a 2-mile hike through the Mariposa Grove with all these giant redwoods and shit.  Unbelievable.  Pro tip: If you're going to do this, get there early, because we had it mostly to ourselves until around 10:30 when school groups started arriving.

They have these tram tours which we were initially terrified that Mom was going to force us to do because she loves any kind of tourist shit like that but when she found out they charge $26.50 for the tram tour she shut that idea down in a fucking hurry because the only quality that wins out over her touristness is her cheapness.

I know it sounds like I'm bitching a lot, and I guess I am, but it really is tiring traveling with someone who constantly approaches strangers to ask what country they're from and uses the term "Orientals" unironically and refuses to tip in restaurants and is a martyr on top of the whole thing.

I want to go back, though.

2 things: (1) The Comfort Inn in Oakhurst is relatively cheap, really comfortable, and not far from the south entrance to the park; and (2) Lunch at the Wawona Hotel is less expensive than you'd think and totally worth it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More bullshit on the drug war front

Apart from picking which lucky SOB is going to get to undeservedly claim credit for the inevitable economic recovery that will happen in the next 4 years, voters in some states are also going to decide whether to legalize pot.  Predictably enough, people that make their living from pot being illegal are harshing everyone's mellow.

"Next month in Colorado, Oregon and Washington states, voters will vote on legalizing marijuana," Peter Bensinger, the moderater of the call and former administrator of the DEA during President Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan administrations, began the call. "Federal law, the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court decisions say that this cannot be done because federal law preempts state law."

Bensinger added: "And there is a bigger danger that touches every one of us -- legalizing marijuana threatens public health and safety. In states that have legalized medical marijuana, drug driving arrests, accidents, and drug overdose deaths have skyrocketed. Drug treatment admissions are up and the number of teens using this gateway drug is up dramatically."

Ugh, Huffington Post, it's "moderator," not "moderater."  Anyway, STOP THE PRESSES: Former DEA Administrator against taking some kind of small drug law reform?  SHOCKING.

Let's leave aside the question of federal preemption because that's boring and he's basically right anyway.  Instead, let's look at Chicken Little's second claim, that "[i]n states that have legalized medical marijuana, drug driving arrests, accidents, and drug overdose deaths have skyrocketed."  Wow, that's terrible!  Also total bullshit, as you might have gathered.

In my 10 minutes of Internet research, I couldn't find good stats on "drug driving arrests," but, surprise surprise, "accidents" in states that have legalized medical marijuana (and by "accidents," I assume he means "fatal car accidents," not "accidentally eating an entire bag of Cheetos" har har har) have actually FALLEN.

Comparing traffic deaths over time in states with and without medical marijuana law changes, the researchers found that fatal car wrecks dropped by 9% in states that legalized medical use — which was largely attributable to a decline in drunk driving. The researchers controlled for other factors like changes in driving laws and the number of miles driven that could affect the results.

Medical marijuana laws were not significantly linked with changes in daytime crash rates or those that didn’t involve alcohol. But the rate of fatal crashes in which a driver had consumed any alcohol dropped 12% after medical marijuana was legalized, and crashes involving high levels of alcohol consumption fell 14%.
The "drug overdose death" claim is just bizarre, because if he's hinting that people are dying from overdosing on medical marijuana, he's obviously very, very wrong.  In fact, most drug overdoses - about 74% - are due to prescription drugs.  And the rate of prescription drug overdose in New Mexico, for example, a state without medical marijuana, is about 3 times the rate of prescription drug overdose in California, a state that has medical marijuana.  Therefore, I'm calling bullshit on everything this asshole says.

And that, in a nutshell, has been the problem with drug education and with trying to discourage kids from taking drugs.  You tell kids, essentially, "the first time you ever smoke pot you're going to go crazy and die" or "the first time you have a line of coke you will become addicted and end up giving blowjobs behind the Pak N Save for a hit" and then kids try smoking some pot or snorting coke and none of those things happen. In fact, it turns out just fine - better than fine, actually, really fun - and that's it, you just lost all credibility.  Why should I believe you when you say that I really can get addicted to heroin quickly, which is actually true, when you lied to me about everything else?

Anyway, I hope they do legalize pot in those states and it inexorably leads to pot being legalized everywhere.  I don't smoke pot any more, but from past experience, on the harm scale, it's somewhere between Benadryl and Jack Daniels.  Hardly the nightmare Mr. Bensinger envisions.

So, on that note, Mom's flying into town today and the whole family is off to Yosemite for a couple of days where, I imagine, Mom will tell Half Dome she's disappointed in it and why couldn't it have been a Full Dome?  Maybe some medical marijuana wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unbelievable, Part II

Well, if you have any remaining doubts about the scientific validity of Reverse Jinxing, let them now be removed.

Here's how it looked from my office computer moments after the Giants did the unprecedented and came back from an 0-2 hole in a best of 5 series to win the NLDS on the road against the Reds.

I almost died.  If you watched the game, you know what I'm talking about.  That last Jay Bruce AB against Romo?  When he fouled off about 32 pitches and it was 3-2 and I CAN'T BREATHE HELP ME HELP ME I CAN'T BREATHE he finally flew out.

Truly unbelievable.

So, on to the NLCS against - probably the Cards, if I have to guess?  The Nationals just don't look like they have much life left in them.  We'll see what happens this afternoon.

Also, a note about's "" streaming service: IT FUCKING SUCKS.  I mean, for $4.99, why can't they just give us what's being shown on TBS?  Instead, you have your pick of like 5 or 6 camera angles, all of them apparently operated by drunken teenagers who have never used a camera.  The ball is hit!  Instead of following the play to first, let's....pirouette around for crowd shots!  The dugout!  The outfield wall!  WHEEEEE!!!  And the promised HD quality looks like Nintendo 64.  

Anyway, the NLCS games are all at more reasonable late afternoon or evening hours, so this won't be a problem again, but come the fuck on,

[NOTE TO READERS: Between now and whenever the Giants either win the World Series or are eliminated, this blog will mostly be baseball-centric.  If you're not super into baseball, apologies in advance.]


Unbelievable.  Last time we spoke, the Giants and A's both were down 2 games to none in a best of 5 series, and, as you may recall, my co-worker (and me, for that matter) held out little hope for the G's to peel off 3 in a row in Cincinnati or Cinncinati or whatever they have there and win the NLDS.

Well, well.

We watched Tuesday afternoon's game at the venerable Zeke's Diamond Bar with about 15 other hardcores.  It started out like Game 2, with the Giants making another decent, but not godlike, pitcher look like Roger Clemens channeling Sandy Koufax after eating Don Larsen and having a seance with Christy Mathewson.  In other words, for the second game in a row, a Cincinnati pitcher carried a no-hitter into the 5th inning.  Jesus Christ.

But then, amazingly, the Giants scored somehow on a combination of hit batsman and walks and sac flies or some kind of mystical bullshit and carried it into extra innings and somehow scraped out a win.

I was then felled by a horrible cold which had started with me sneezing and blowing my nose at Zeke's like I was in Contagion or something and blossomed Wednesday into a Full Bore Illness.  So I stayed home and watched.  When Angel Pagan lifted the second pitch into the seats, I thought, whoa, we might have something.  Of course the Reds were using some starter they found in a utility closet but whatever, it's the major leagues and you're responsible for your own shit.  The Giants go on to win 8-3 in a laugher that also saw Tim Lincecum come in and act like it' was 2008 all over again.

And so this brings us to today.  They're playing at 10 am?  I'm back at work.  Have to go investigate my streaming options.  Fuck this scheduling.  Oh, one other thing I've gotta take care of.

There is no chance the Giants will win today.  INITIATE NEGATIVE JINX SEQUENCE.

(Over in the East Bay, our cousins the A's are enjoying a similarly rapturous comeback, but I haven't really watched any of their games so all I can say is congrats, A's.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A brief conversation with my co-worker about the Giants' remaining prospects in the playoffs


Of course it's still winnable.  Vogelsong comes on this afternoon and pitches like he did in his last seven starts.  Pagan and Scutaro get on base and score.  Then tomorrow Zito pitches well and Lincecum comes out of the bullpen and the change in speeds throws off the Reds hitters.  Then, if they win both of those, you know they'll win the fifth game.  They'll have all the momentum.  And Cain will pitch that game and shut them down.


But what do you think is actually going to happen?


Oh, they're going to lose today, for sure.

So here we are.  All those games, all those freezing nights at the yard, all those beers, more of those beers, and it comes down to today at 2:30.  And then, if that goes right, it all comes down to tomorrow.  And then the next day.  Is it possible for the Giants to win 3 in a row in Cincinnati after floundering helplessly the first two games?  Of course it's possible. Quantum mechanics teaches that it's possible for one solid to pass completely through another solid.  It's just incredibly unlikely.  It's POSSIBLE that Pablo Sandoval will lay off a pitch around his eyes.  It's just incredibly unlikely.

(Also, Tim Lincecum's Dad is mad because Tim is pitching out of the bullpen?  DAD, YOU'RE EMBARRASSING ME!!!!!!!  But really, if Tim wanted to get a start in the postseason Tim would have been well-advised not to have the highest ERA among all starting pitchers with enough innings to qualify.  Jesus Christ, Dad.  If I got rewarded for my performance in prior years, I'd get the start tomorrow for my little league team and nobody wants to see a 6'4" middle aged man bringing the gas against little Connor and Caden.  BACK THE FUCK UP I OWN THE PLATE.  It would be kinda fun, actually.)

Friday, October 5, 2012

We are expanding our roster

Please join me in welcoming Buster Matt Cain Shooter The Assassin Yards After the Catch K*:

[* Name not 100% cleared with The Wife yet]

That's right!  In 2030, this lil guy will be showing a fake ID to the door dude at the Uptown.  Or a fake retinal scan or Implant Identity Chip or whatever they have then.  

Can't tell much from that photo, huh?  I've taken the liberty of adding annotations:

Just like Dad!

What else?  We're very excited, obvs.  I promise not to become a Daddy Blogger.  Ugh, just typing that felt dirty.

Monday, October 1, 2012

How a company that makes cheap disposable backpacks wasted my time yesterday

A couple of weeks ago I was notified about the following event:

I guess it's some promotional event for Jansport, the company that makes the ubiquitous cheap disposable backpacks that emo girls put buttons all over.  Whatever, sounds like fun, right?  I like the Dodos!  (BTW, if you're not familiar, check them out, they're great.) And, as the accompanying email made clear, FREE BEER!  And Treasure Island!  I'm sold!  Sign me up!

The way this worked was, you have to personally RSVP and then they send you a confirmation email.  So Stoney and I sign up and we get out emails and we're all set.

We are advised that the doors open at 5:30.  We arrive around 5:45 and there is a line at least several hundred people long.  I can immediately see what the problem is: it appears there is one person checking the list and IDs and whatnot.  Hey, no biggie, we can wait.  The line seems to be moving.

Until we get close.  When we are maybe 50 people from the entrance, the line stops.  Now, this is an outdoor thing and so we can fully hear the bands and see all the Lucky Admittees strolling around with their free beers and so what the fuck.  Finally, we hear through the grapevine that they have reached capacity and they're not letting anyone else in.


So you're telling me that I RSVP'd and you sent me back an email saying come on over and I got there 15 minutes after the doors opened and I can see with my own fucking eyes that it's not crowded inside and after waiting an hour I can't get in?


Hey, I understand that there is a limited capacity, but knowing that, why did you send out confirmation emails to people and lead them to believe they could get in?  I can understand overbooking by maybe 50 or 60, but when we gave up and left, there were several hundred people still in line.  NOT FUCKING COOL.

Now, Jansport, I'm not going to tell you how to run your promotional events, but here are some suggestions that might help out next time:

1. If you're going to have a whole rigamarole for RSVP'ing and sending out email confirmations, that should mean something.  Like, if the capacity is 1,000, don't send out 2,000 confirmations.  In this case, the confirmations meant exactly nothing.  You might as well have just admitted the first 1,000 people to show up and dispensed with the fucking email confirmations.

2. If you decided that you've reached some arbitrary capacity and you're not letting anyone else is, hey how about an announcement? Why don't you have some dork with a bullhorn go "We have reached capacity and we're not letting anyone else in"?  That would have saved some time.

3. Seriously, go fuck yourself.

So everyone, let's do what little we can do and NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER JANSPORT PRODUCT AGAIN.  Not like you were going to anyway, but don't.