Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just like I called it

On October 12, just after the Giants won Game 5 against the Reds to pull out a miraculous comeback in that series, I was emailing with Periqueblend about the Giants' chances.  Here's what I said:

No, after that series, now I think they are going to go to, and win, the World Series.  If they can overcome being 2 games down to an arguably better team and have the starting pitching be average at best, and usually not that good, until the last game, when it was slightly above average, and win, they can pretty much do anything.  I think all the teams left in the playoffs would be frightened of them right now because they don't make sense.  If you KNOW how your opponent wins, you can strategize against it. But you can't prepare for a team when you can't figure out how the fuck they do what they do.  Tim Lincecum, worst starting pitcher in the majors?  Oh, he'll just come on and pitch like a Cy Young winner.  Stuff like that.  How do prepare for that?
I guess I was right!  Tell you one thing, though, NO ONE expected the Giants to outscore the Cardinals 20-1 in the last 3 games.  That is some next level shit.

And now here we are with the Giants back in the World Series and I have to keep reminding myself that I have a baby on the way and I can't drop $1000 on WS tickets.  Right?  I mean, I can't, right?  RIGHT? 

I mean, that would just be ridiculous.

Let's talk again after Game 1. 


Anonymous said...

We are going through the same thing right now.

"We have a kid. We can't drop $1,000 on World Series tickets ... right?"

Tamagosan said...

Keep being right! I bet you hear that all the time, though?

Also, if you're still on the fence, remember the baby is essentially free right now, if you don't count the extra calories The Wife needs to consume and the endless foot massages you should be doling out. NEVER AGAIN will the baby be free. There will ALWAYS be the risk that you have to shell out $1,000 at any time for things like bail or prom or braces. This is a guarantee at least that you get to watch a killer game...

Michael Strickland said...

If you attend in person, and particularly if you pay $1,000, they will definitely lose, Don't Go!

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