Thursday, October 11, 2012


Unbelievable.  Last time we spoke, the Giants and A's both were down 2 games to none in a best of 5 series, and, as you may recall, my co-worker (and me, for that matter) held out little hope for the G's to peel off 3 in a row in Cincinnati or Cinncinati or whatever they have there and win the NLDS.

Well, well.

We watched Tuesday afternoon's game at the venerable Zeke's Diamond Bar with about 15 other hardcores.  It started out like Game 2, with the Giants making another decent, but not godlike, pitcher look like Roger Clemens channeling Sandy Koufax after eating Don Larsen and having a seance with Christy Mathewson.  In other words, for the second game in a row, a Cincinnati pitcher carried a no-hitter into the 5th inning.  Jesus Christ.

But then, amazingly, the Giants scored somehow on a combination of hit batsman and walks and sac flies or some kind of mystical bullshit and carried it into extra innings and somehow scraped out a win.

I was then felled by a horrible cold which had started with me sneezing and blowing my nose at Zeke's like I was in Contagion or something and blossomed Wednesday into a Full Bore Illness.  So I stayed home and watched.  When Angel Pagan lifted the second pitch into the seats, I thought, whoa, we might have something.  Of course the Reds were using some starter they found in a utility closet but whatever, it's the major leagues and you're responsible for your own shit.  The Giants go on to win 8-3 in a laugher that also saw Tim Lincecum come in and act like it' was 2008 all over again.

And so this brings us to today.  They're playing at 10 am?  I'm back at work.  Have to go investigate my streaming options.  Fuck this scheduling.  Oh, one other thing I've gotta take care of.

There is no chance the Giants will win today.  INITIATE NEGATIVE JINX SEQUENCE.

(Over in the East Bay, our cousins the A's are enjoying a similarly rapturous comeback, but I haven't really watched any of their games so all I can say is congrats, A's.)


Michael Strickland said...

Good work. San Francisco thanks you.

Tamagosan said...

What he said.

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