Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unbelievable, Part II

Well, if you have any remaining doubts about the scientific validity of Reverse Jinxing, let them now be removed.

Here's how it looked from my office computer moments after the Giants did the unprecedented and came back from an 0-2 hole in a best of 5 series to win the NLDS on the road against the Reds.

I almost died.  If you watched the game, you know what I'm talking about.  That last Jay Bruce AB against Romo?  When he fouled off about 32 pitches and it was 3-2 and I CAN'T BREATHE HELP ME HELP ME I CAN'T BREATHE he finally flew out.

Truly unbelievable.

So, on to the NLCS against - probably the Cards, if I have to guess?  The Nationals just don't look like they have much life left in them.  We'll see what happens this afternoon.

Also, a note about's "" streaming service: IT FUCKING SUCKS.  I mean, for $4.99, why can't they just give us what's being shown on TBS?  Instead, you have your pick of like 5 or 6 camera angles, all of them apparently operated by drunken teenagers who have never used a camera.  The ball is hit!  Instead of following the play to first, let's....pirouette around for crowd shots!  The dugout!  The outfield wall!  WHEEEEE!!!  And the promised HD quality looks like Nintendo 64.  

Anyway, the NLCS games are all at more reasonable late afternoon or evening hours, so this won't be a problem again, but come the fuck on,

[NOTE TO READERS: Between now and whenever the Giants either win the World Series or are eliminated, this blog will mostly be baseball-centric.  If you're not super into baseball, apologies in advance.]


sev2108 said...

We watched it in my office on something called Reddit. I have no idea what that is, and all of my colleagues made fun of me for not knowing. Anyway, it worked and we were only slightly behind real-time on tv (based on the noises coming from the bar across the street.)

Tamagosan said...

So is there a good way to watch the post-season on your phone? I'd been thinking of ponying up and don't mind doing it legally. There is a paid GameDay app, right? Maybe that will do it because what you got sounds terrible...