Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A brief conversation with my co-worker about the Giants' remaining prospects in the playoffs


Of course it's still winnable.  Vogelsong comes on this afternoon and pitches like he did in his last seven starts.  Pagan and Scutaro get on base and score.  Then tomorrow Zito pitches well and Lincecum comes out of the bullpen and the change in speeds throws off the Reds hitters.  Then, if they win both of those, you know they'll win the fifth game.  They'll have all the momentum.  And Cain will pitch that game and shut them down.


But what do you think is actually going to happen?


Oh, they're going to lose today, for sure.

So here we are.  All those games, all those freezing nights at the yard, all those beers, more of those beers, and it comes down to today at 2:30.  And then, if that goes right, it all comes down to tomorrow.  And then the next day.  Is it possible for the Giants to win 3 in a row in Cincinnati after floundering helplessly the first two games?  Of course it's possible. Quantum mechanics teaches that it's possible for one solid to pass completely through another solid.  It's just incredibly unlikely.  It's POSSIBLE that Pablo Sandoval will lay off a pitch around his eyes.  It's just incredibly unlikely.

(Also, Tim Lincecum's Dad is mad because Tim is pitching out of the bullpen?  DAD, YOU'RE EMBARRASSING ME!!!!!!!  But really, if Tim wanted to get a start in the postseason Tim would have been well-advised not to have the highest ERA among all starting pitchers with enough innings to qualify.  Jesus Christ, Dad.  If I got rewarded for my performance in prior years, I'd get the start tomorrow for my little league team and nobody wants to see a 6'4" middle aged man bringing the gas against little Connor and Caden.  BACK THE FUCK UP I OWN THE PLATE.  It would be kinda fun, actually.)


Tamagosan said...

Don't know what will be worse. GameDay today stuck in the office or an inning of the actual game Sunday stuck in the nosebleeds. I tell you, more depressed folks picking up their bikes post-game I have never seen.

Michael Strickland said...

Thank you for the negative jinxing. Keep it up for a couple more days and the Giants may even go to the league championships.

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