Monday, October 22, 2012

Unbelievable, Part III

At the end of the day on October 18, the St. Louis Cardinals had a 3-1 lead in the best of seven National League Championship Series against the Giants.  There were 3 games left, and all the Cardinals had to do was win 1 of them.  Easy, right?  If you had Germany invade France 3 times, France would win at least one of those.  There was no way the Giants were going to the World Series. 

So on October 19, Barry Zito went out to pitch for the Giants.  Barry's had a complicated relationship with Giants fans, mostly because he makes more money than God and had pretty much sucked since he got here.  But on this night, he pitched what was probably the best game he's ever pitched as a Giant, and they won, 5-0.  That did not just happen.  You are fucking kidding me.  So the series comes back to SF.

Last night, Ryan Vogelsong was pitching for the Giants.  He was a career journeyman Minor Leaguer/Guy Who Plays in Japan Like Tom Selleck in Mr. Baseball until he signed with the Giants and magically turned into Greg Maddux II.  Last night he set his own career record for strikeouts and the Giants won 6-1.

The crappy defense of the Cardinals helped, in all honesty.  Here's Daniel Descalso trying to field with his molars, courtesy of SB Nation:

So now it's 3-3.  Literally no one believed there would be a Game 7 after the Giants looked as bad as they did in the 3 games they lost.  Also, it's hard to beat a team twice in a row, especially one that's good enough to be in the National League Championship Series.

And tonight the Giants' best pitcher this year, Matt Cain, is up.  He's looked suspiciously human so far in the playoffs, but that's just him luring the Cardinals into a false sense of security so he can go all Matt Cain on them, I bet.  We'll see.

I'll tell you one thing, though.  This whole thing is pretty fucking unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing! It's the best thing on TV!

The playoffs have turned me into this superstitious freak.

"Oh, if I don't wear my orange scarf, then the Giants will lose. Oh shit! They lost. It's the scarf. I can't where this scarf. And if I stand riiight here and do a little dance, the Giants get on base ..."

TK said...

I hear that. One of my friends has a complicated formula that determines whether or not his dog should wear a Giants collar, depending on past performance and whether the Giants won or lost last time he wore the collar. He didn't wear it yesterday, so I think he's not wearing it tonight, so GIANTS WIN, you read it here first.

Tamagosan said...

I have more Giants superstitions than a lifelong church basement bingo player, but one thing is sure: the energy at the ball park last night was incredible! That second inning just kept on giving, so we'll try to do it again tonight to those Wild Cards.

Pitching: I've pretty much forgiven the Arabian Horse for sucking all this time. Do we know who should be in relief and closing tonight? I feel like nothing bad can happen when Romo licks his fingers between every pitch...

PS Great post-season 101; probably a good link to pass along to folks in my circle that are confused that my e-mails now include Go Giants! as the farewell.
PPS Your restraint in discussing the Beach Blanket Babylon lady and Lil' Wayne is impressive.

Stoney said...

No way they can do it again tonight. #ReverseJinx

Stoney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Strickland said...

Thank you Stoney, for the ReverseJinx. I was afraid our host was going to forget it and then we would have been doomed.

Fucking wonderful on top of lots of other fucking wonderful this evening.

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