Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Bar Night: St. Mary's Pub

At first I was all, "Maybe I'll keep this one a secret so it doesn't get overrun" but then I was all "(A)," (yeah I actually said "A" in my head) "that's a douche move and (B) overrun by who? My tens of readers? I think I'll still be able to get a seat."

The usual Intrepid Crew assembled - on time, no fucking way! - last night at the 3300 Club on Mission. I've been there before so it doesn't count. It was the first time for other Intrepid Crewmembers and they were pretty much "whatever" but I like it because I'm almost always the youngest person in there and that's tough at my advanced age. Coupla drinks there and then we moved on to the selected destination.

[SIDE NOTE: Just in case you're wondering (and, wow, if you are, you are way more interested in this than anyone else), the NBN policy is to meet somewhere else familiar and then all hit the New Bar together as a unit, in case the New Bar is dangerous or too lame to be at alone. Check back with me if you want to know the other rules of NBN and I'll send you the brochure and DVD.]

Destination: St. Mary's Pub, 3845 Mission, at College Ave. There's a College Ave. in San Francisco? Who knew!? I guess this is in Bernal Heights, but it feels like a different city. We were like, "Hello, fine bartendress! We come from a strange and distant land called San Francisco! We do not know of your primitive ways! Please serve us a flagon of ale!"

Short version: We liked SMP a lot.

Longer version: Pretty standard no-pretense, no-scene bar. Giants and 49ers stuff on the walls. Internet jukebox. Extremely friendly and cute bartender named Meghan with an "h." Small crowd (like 4-5 people) of what appeared to be regulars. Like, regulars since the 70's. Separate back room with a pool table.

It's hard to say what's so appealing about this place. Certainly Meghan helped (thx for the shots, incidentally, M), but it's more that undefinable "Hmmm, I could hang out here" feeling. I mean, there's nothing really special or extraordinary about this place. It's just a nice, mellow bar. Sometimes you just want a bar and not a Scene. (You know where I'm talking about. It starts with P and ends with "op's".) Like Olu said, it'd be a good place to hang out and watch a Giants game. Three stars. We'll be back.


Tamagosan said...

Oh, 40 going on 28, you made me LOL as usual. This is a hop, skip and a jump from my humble abode. (I guess I just gave it away that, yes, I am able jump across San Jose Ave.) So nice to know that it's a Place to Drink and not a Place to See-and-Be-Scene. And, hello, proximity to Giovanni's Pizza and the nice little produce store.

St. Mary's Park as a development has a pretty trippy history (read the plaque at the entrance to get started) and totally feels like the suburbs. I often walk my dog around there and marvel at weird green things in front of all the houses. Maybe they're called lawns, I wouldn't know; I'm lucky if I can keep trash from out in front of my house. It also has a sweet new playground, but I think you have to be a kid to go there.

The only natural place to go after St Mary's Pub is The Station in Glen Park. But that you can BART to from the Mission. (You said you liked to start drinking at a familiar place; I think you can slam a PBR during the BART ride...)

Stephen said...

Hold on a second. If we're gonna watch the St. Mary's game tomorrow, shouldn't we do it here?

TK said...

@ Tamagosan -

That's a nice little bar to have as your local. I'll have to check out the neighborhood more in the daylight/when I'm sober.

@ Stephen -

The bartender asked me if we decided to go there last night because of the school. I told her it was picked before the tournament started, which is true.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many times I've driven by there. I am a chicken.

Don't forget there used to be a college there. (But what's with that "too foggy/cold" b.s.? What a bunch of babies.)

This 1925 picture is great -- looking up College Ave from Excelsior from what I'm guessing is Silver and Harvard. (280 will come to be in the gulley.)

Glen Park is to the left, and Bernal is just out of the picture to the right.

Tamagosan said...

Wait, you can be sober in the daylight? CRAZINESS.

Tamagosan said...

One more suggestion for that general neck of the woods: O'Greenberg's. Darts, pool, awesome-looking bar/counter, and no no no scene.

Tamagosan said...

@burritojustice Way to bring it with the knowledge. I've never met a historical picture of SF (nor a historical blog post, which is why I jock your blog so much!)

Peace. (friscolex)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, friscolex! Found a couple of St. Mary's I hadn't seen before.

We ought to grab TK and do a historical drinking expedition.

Tamagosan said...

Historical nerdiness + reasonably-priced alcohol = surefire win! Oh, we'll start big and lofty, and the next thing you know, we'll be at La Oficina or Friends, wondering where it all went wrong, ha!

TK said...

I'm pleased I can host the little get-together in my comments section. Do you guys need a refill or anything?

(P.S. Verification word: "Shedial," which sounds like a British girl-pop band.)

targeteleven said...

I 'm glad someone else mentioned Giovanni's. Great pizza. And Jose at the Hair Junction up the street gives great hair cuts for $10.

Another St. Mary's Park oddity, the streets in the neighborhood form the shape of a bell.