Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Word of the Day: Quixotic

Let me get this out of the way first: No St. Patrick's Day bullshit here. I'm married to a girl from Ireland. Every day is motherfucking St. Patrick's Day in my house. No, let's talk politics! Oh yay.

Two days ago I was walking home when two guys coming the other way stopped me and jammed a flyer into my hand. It was for a guy running for Nancy Pelosi's seat in the House. I said, "Well, good luck with that," because Nancy Pelosi has about the same chances of losing an election in her district as Castro does in Cuba. They sailed past me. "Yeah, we need to get rid of that witch," one of them called over his shoulder.

When I got home, I looked the guy up. It's this guy, Summer Shields. He looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place him. Then I remembered where I'd seen him - in front of a big poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache, at Civic Center Plaza one day. That's the way to win votes in San Francisco! Oh wait, here's a picture:

This is what someone who's not electable in San Francisco looks like.

As it turns out, Summer Shields is a follower of Lyndon LaRouche. A taste of what that's all about:

For those unfamiliar with the range of his thinking, Mr. LaRouche also claims that the Queen of England “personally runs the military and intelligence services” of the United Kingdom, and recently suggested that “top circles in London, who are furious at President Barack Obama for flubbing the British demands to impose fascism on the United States,” may soon “attempt to assassinate the President.”

And so forth. Let me be out in the open here and say that I'm not a huge Pelosi fan and I don't think she's a particularly effective Speaker of the House. Even my Dad and I agreed that if we still had Tip O'Neill in charge, the health care bill would have been passed and signed about a month after we started talking about it. But that's beside the point. The point, which should be blindingly obvious, is this: You cannot march around SF with pictures equating Obama and Hitler and expect to be elected anything, much less unseat the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Maybe in Texas, but not here.

In other political news, Unfortunately-coiffed Meg Whitman is in a virtual dead heat with Jerry Brown in the governor's race. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that her TV ads are on every 30 fucking seconds and Jerry is doing his best to keep his candidacy a secret from everyone except his closest advisors. I don't know. Want to know why Meg can't win? Read this.


Greg said...

is he going to have those larouche singers? at every democratic convention in California, they bring in a bunch of these kids, and they gather together and sing these weird hymn-like songs about all sorts of stuff.

now, they actually buy space in the convention all so they can harass people even more than they already do. their modus operandi is to walk up to random people talking and interrupt and proclaim the gospel of LaRouche. really annoying....

WTFSF said...

Oh sheesh, the LaRouchies... I saw their Obama/Hitler sandwich board schtick at Union Square last week. I guess I know I'm getting older: in place of my old urge to push their little culty buttons, a piteous bafflement arose. Today, again, I bit my tongue when two earnest young acolytes sneakily promoted Summer Shields's appearance tomorrow at the Noe Valley Starbucks. I might go and order a venti hell no. Seriously, where do these creeps come from?

Unknown said...

larouche is a total crazy. one of his old ideas was to build a literal bridge from california to china. yeah, he's that crazy. also, he went to jail for mail fraud.

DJTennessee said...

I was intrigued until I saw that Summer Shields is a guy.

generic said...

That guy was a member of the Alameda DCC, right? So the LaRouchies provide a vital service. They absorb the crazies out from legitimate politics. I wish their ranks would swell.

LynMarcus said...

The word of the day for Summer's life time is


When Bush was president Larouche had the cult go left and have Bush as a Nazi to make some cash and recruit some naive college kids to drop out of school and worship him as the only solution to save humanity.

The whole cult revolves around a never ending formula of economic collapse, Nuclear war and a New Dark Ages. Names are added depending on who is on the news at the moment to be part of the plot. They of course, ALWAYS work with The British in this never ending delusion of Larouche.

What is often overlooked is that Summer and the rest of the cult have been trained to always answer a question about their jobs , taxes, wages etc by claiming to be "volunteers". The cult is a real sweat shop where Summer and the members may spend up to 16-18 hours a day peddling Larouche's delusions , 6 to 7 days a week outside at card table shrines or in a local cult business office boiler room.

You can dance around the minumum wage, OT and health care by calling the cultists "volunteers" for decades!

You can find out more about the cult and Summer should also be reading about whom he has given up his life to at sites like these.




factnet.org under social orgs.

For fun, ask Summer about how the cult's PAC spokesperson's campaign against an African American US Senator from MD years ago called him a "House Nigger" .

These cultists call themselves Democrats? Read what the cults LPAC National Leader had to say about a Black Democratic Senator years ago to see what sort of crazy town you are about to enter.


Just google Debbie Freeman with Parren Mitchell and see that the Senator had to pull a gun on the cult gang sent to his house.


"His outfit smacks of fascism to me," Rep. Parren J. Mitchell (D-Md.) said in a statement introduced in the libel case. Mitchell said in an interview that LaRouche supporters tried to break up his political gatherings in Baltimore and distributed literature calling him a drug dealer and a "house nigger." Mitchell said he received several anonymous telephone calls, including one death threat.

"I knew it was them because I recognized some of their voices," Mitchell said. He said the harassment ended soon after he pulled a gun on a group of LaRouche supporters gathered outside his Baltimore home. "

Billy Butler said...

I saw him and one of his minions in my town the other day. With the Hitler/Obama poster thing and all. I was there with my friends for about two hours and we tried to understand what the HELL they were talking about.

They had posters with Mars on it so we asked them about it. Their answer was that, "Well, you know how when you were a kid it was all about the moon and space? It was all about discovery, you know? Mars is just the next frontier." They didn't seem interested in Mars as a place, just as a milestone for a space program. It was clear to see that they would hit a wall in their logic and then continually repeat what they had already said.

They had insane views about practically everything and some lulz ensued, like when we simply started videotaping a discussion we were having with them and they suddenly stopped talking, got out THEIR videocamera and taped us. And then they just talked to each other and didn't answer any questions despite the 15 or so people gathered around.

They got about 2 people to sign up on their e-mail list for the entire time they were there, but I guess it was okay because we managed to reciprocate the mustache on Obama with mustaches we placed on the Summer Shields poster (when he wasn't looking).

Anyway. LaRouche, Shields, etc., all crazy. Avoid at all costs.

Gina Pera said...
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