Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I didn't mean it like that

The other morning, The Wife and I were having one of those occasional bickering things that all couples have from time to time (except for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes because their relationship is PERFECT IN EVERY WAY). And it was my impression (although this impression was not shared by The Wife) that she was being a little over-sensitive, if you will. That she was taking easy umbrage at everything I said, when I didn't mean to say anything mean or critical or whatever at all. So I said to her, sort of exasperated,

"You're just looking to get hurt today."

As you can plainly see, that sentence can be interpreted in two ways, one of them being what I meant, and one of them being I am going to beat you.

Since then, anytime I disagree with her, she faux-cowers and says, "Am I looking to get hurt again today?" HI-LARIOUS.

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inger said...

Gawd I just love her.