Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Friday, everyone!

- Somehow I neglected to follow up on this earlier, but Aoife Gallagher, Miss Clare, did not, in fact, win the Miss Ireland pageant. Rather, she was robbed and Sinead Noonan, Miss Meath won. What a rip.

Sinead Noonan, the new Miss Ireland. No Aoife Gallagher, but not bad, I guess.

For some reason, I am the go-to source for news on Aoife Gallagher, even though I only mentioned her once, in passing. You should see the Google search hits I get on her name. I'm like the Aoife Gallagher Clearinghouse. I'm starting to suspect it's just Aoife Gallagher and her friends. So here you go. Aoife Gallagher.

- My close associate Rocco is pleased to announce the launch of her new blog, Tales from the 22, which concerns the 22 Fillmore, one of my fave Muni lines. I predict this blog will achieve great success and will result in a book deal for Rocco while I continue to toil for the sheer love of blogging.

- No, really, I do love it.

- Aoife Gallagher.

- Jordan Mackay is a wine writer who also bartends at Cantina. He just wrote a great piece for 7x7 magazine about bartending that you should all go read right now. Here it is.

- An idea whose time has come: randomly matching cute cat pictures with Craigslist Casual Encounters headlines. Warning: headlines may be NSFW.

Have a nice weekend. Maybe it'll get above 58 degrees at some point in this wind-swept godforsaken city.

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Rocco said...

i like the labels for this post. yes! drinking and foreign policy *do* go together. maybe that explains it.