Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SF Giants: Ruining birthdays since 1958

Yesterday was Super Hot Irish Girlfriend's 31st birthday. We did what every girl loves to do on her birthday! We went to a professional baseball game.

That would normally be fun, except the team we went to see was the Giants, and they put on their usual Festival of Suck and lost 11-4 to the Atlanta Braves.

Now, I should point out that going to the game wasn't some typical dumb boyfriend move. SHIG has become quite the baseball fan in the past few years. When I first met her, she didn't know the difference between a line drive and a box score, but she can now discuss Giants pitching intelligently and had a conversation with one of our friends last weekend about the relative merits of RBIs and on base percentage in evaluating a hitter.

Anyway, as we're sitting there watching the pathetic Giants get pwned by Mike Hampton, who's pretty much the definition of "washed up" and is so fragile he'd break like cheap glass if he ever bumped up against anything solid, just to add insult to injury, it started to rain. The average precipitation for San Francisco in August is 0.07 inches, so it really felt like piling on at that point. Bleh.

Oh, so on the train on the way home, who's right across from us but District 6 Supervisor/Gavin Newsom enemy Chris Daly? He was with his kid coming back from the game. Now, I'm pretty much a tax-and-spend, free-drugs-for-orphans, give-wealthy-estates-to-spotted-owls liberal, but Chris Daly makes me look like Barry Goldwater.

"I want to take your money and give it to the hobos!"

Whatever our political differences may be, I gotta give Chris Daly mad props for riding Muni like the rest of us fools. Sorry we were looking at you and whispering to each other, Chris Daly!

ANYWAY, Happy Birthday, SHIG!

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Stephen said...

The Giants are a kind, generous team. They gave Hampton his first win since Aug. 14, 2005.