Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A somewhat belated weekend report

- This is Day 3 of not smoking. It's actually not as bad as I expected. I guess the patch really helps. It makes my arm sore, for some reason, though.

- Oh, OK, so on Sunday Super Hot Irish Girlfriend and I went to brunch at South, which is apparently an Australian restaurant. Who knew there were Australian restaurants? Now, before I get into this, let me preface this by saying that on Saturday, we were at an afternoon-into-night outdoor block party at The Sister's, which featured quite a few PBRs and Sangria her neighbor made and some wine and I think they went through a case of champagne. There were about 30 people there, give or take, and roughly the same number of dogs.

This party ended around 11 pm with us playing jukebox on Stoney's iPod, which was hooked up to the stereo. Oh, and then we went to Uva Enoteca for a glass of wine on the way home, but the less said about that the better.

OK, back to brunch. Now, as you might have surmised, neither SHIG nor I are in top form. I got the bangers and mash, which was pretty good but had asparagus in it, for some unknown reason.

SHIG got the eggs & soldiers, which consists of two softboiled eggs (the "eggs") accompanied by a bunch of thin slices of toast (the "soldiers") and I guess the idea is you dip the toast strips in the soft-boiled egg. The eggs come in little cups, like this:

So they come and SHIG looks pained and says, "I can't open them." So I sawed at them with a knife and finally got them open. Nicely done.

I guess we weren't hurting as bad as we could have been, because we then proceeded to Rug Doctor our carpets. Score one for the productivity team!

In sum: I'd like to try the dinner at South. The brunch was OK. The asparagus was gross. Also, I guess I could live down there near Mission Bay.