Sunday, August 10, 2008

(Wo)Man vs. Wild

Super Hot Irish Girlfriend just left on her "team-building exercise," which seems to be some kind of rafting trip in Tuolumne County. She's picturing a savage battle between man and nature, and has asked me to "avenge her" if she does not come back. I'm picturing a bunch of city folk in oversized life vests making their way carefully down a placid stream at about 3 mph.

Anyway, we'll see which is closer Tuesday when she returns.

Party last night at the home of the lovely Evany and Marco. Evany made this very tasty punch that she said was similar to a Swedish massage and involved something called lingonberry of which I didn't know existed until last night. Great to see the assembled peeps there. Ugh, I just used the word "peeps." Also while there, I had, for the first time, Acme Pale Ale which I can endorse heartily. I don't mean to emphasize the alcohol over the excellent company. That's just how I think.

OK. SHIG's gone. Wait, what do I do now?

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