Friday, August 15, 2008

A little pre-tox

- Walking through the Civic Center this morning, I'm approached by a panhandler, which is not at all unusual in the CC. Mid-30's, maybe, kind of a surf bum look, wearing a Washington State hoodie. So he tells me he's headed to Joe Healy's Detox and...he needs money for a drink! Wait, what?

- For The Sister's birthday, we supped at Spruce on Wednesday. Now, as I've said before, I'm no food expert or anything, but OMFG IT WAS FUCKING GREAT. I had the pork tenderloin, a couple of nice-sized slabs served with some kind of white beans and a little piece of crispy pork belly. DFL.* I hate to throw around superlatives unnecessarily, but it really was the best piece of pork I've ever eaten.
The crowd there is pure Pac Heights old money. You could almost hear the table next to us getting richer.
Happy Friday, everyone!
*DFL = de-fucking-licious, in case you're not hip to the acronyms. Also useful:
NFI = no further information. Usage: "So she left the bar around 12:30 with that Chad from the Marina. NFI."
HBD = Has been drinking. It's hospital shorthand that they use on patient charts. Usage: "When Erin started talking about how much she loved The Fresh Prince, I knew she was HBD."
OTS = Opportunity to smoke. "Let's just get to Coalinga and then we'll get off the freeway and have an OTS."

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