Thursday, August 21, 2008

Iggy Pop hates me

This is going to be one of those multi-topic catch-all posts without any specific focus or theme. So that should be perfect for you MTV generation kidz who have the attention span of a 3-year-old and click away from something if it doesn't get your attention in the first 14 seconds.

Google Image Search result for "Bright Shiny Things." LOOK AT IT!!!!

- OK, so now I'm on what, Day 5 of not smoking? OK so far, I guess. The Sister, who's a nutritionist, has me on these crazy supplements with 1600% of my RDA of Vitamin C for the day and L-tyrosine and 5-HTP and she PROMISES that they're going to reduce anxiety and make me serene and calm. So far, all they're doing is making me ANGRY and SAD and giving me weird dreams. Like last night, when I was shopping and found a really cool blazer and then went out to the parking lot and noticed that Iggy Pop and Lou Barlow were in a van and they were apparently headed my way. So I got in and then we left and I asked them very nicely just to drop me off and Iggy Pop FREAKED OUT and started SCREAMING in my face about how I had never asked them for permission to get in the van in the first place. I woke up with a start right then.

- Obama picking Biden as his running mate would be just as stupid as McCain picking Lieberman. Who's Biden supposed to appeal to? Wonky 50-something college professors? Believe me, Big O, you've already got that vote tied up.

- Finally, sigh:

(Click on link for larger version. If you identify with this as much as I do, let's trade Guadalcanal Diary singles!!!1!1111!!!)

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DrFeelgood said...

Send me $50 and I'll tell you what your dream means.

Today, I was meeting with a customer who told me that Journey was the best band ever. I asked, "Are you high?"

Think of musical tastes as windows into the souls of others while doing the Watusi Rodeo.