Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A line in the sand

I consider myself a fairly with-it, tech-forward guy. I embraced technology fairly early; I remember learning to program BASIC on an Apple II. Yes, I know. Hard to believe.

Then when the Internets came along, I jumped on that, too. And not just for pr0n. I happily embraced this new medium that would allow us to receive chain email forwards about some kid dying of cancer who needed bottle caps or keep an eye on a soda machine at MIT. Thank you, Wondrous Technology!

Now, obviously, I have a blog, so I can keep you, my readers, up to date with the excruciating minutiae of my life. And my band's got a Myspace site (not me, personally, though, since I'm not 16 or go by the handle ***__sWeEt'n'SasSeeeGurliE__***.

I've drawn the line, however, at two places. I will not Facebook. And I will not Twitter.

I will not Facebook because I'm a grown motherfucking man and no one has yet explained to me what possible benefit I can derive from it other than bothering my friends, having my friends bother me, and constantly being bothered by updates about what my "friends" are doing. And being found by people I probably don't want to be found by.

I will not Twitter because I don't want people to know what I'm doing most of the time. The main idea behind Twitter, as I understand it, is to blast off quick messages about whatever you're doing at the time. I don't think most of you want to read stuff like "Getting drunk while watching Intervention LOL" or "Wondering how expensive therapists are these days" or "Trying to avoid creepy guitar guy who looks like Carrot Top in Civic Center station".

Seriously, I already feel like I know too much about too many strangers whose blogs I accidentally stumbled across and now read out of some weird curiosity. I'm happy being more anonymous.

Here's my faux-Twitter for right now: "Cheating employer by blogging while pretending to work." Boring, huh?


DrFeelgood said...

I concur. This is also the reason I waited so long to even start a blog. In my opinion, they are all symptomatic of narcissism, but GOD! don't they feel good when you have something to say.

Jessica said...

"Getting drunk while watching Intervention LOL" is the best Twitter I've ever read.