Thursday, July 10, 2008

Urban etiquette: an occasional series

Today's topic: Bad Muni behavior

I'm a little hesitant to get into this area, especially since there's another site dedicated specifically to this, but I just gotta say something.

Guys, if you see an older woman standing on the bus or train and you're sitting down, GIVE UP YOUR GODDAM SEAT.

Just today, riding the train, I was standing in front of this guy who was sitting down. Mid-20's, Dockers-clad, fake diving watch, checking emails on his Blackberry, when this woman who looks to be on the far end of 70 and is struggling with a couple of bags gets on the crowded train. The other seats are occupied by similarly-aged oldsters and a blind guy with a dog and another middle-aged woman. Dockers sits there impassively and stares straight ahead.

Finally, the middle-aged woman next to him gets up and offers Granny her seat. Dockers goes back to sending vitally important emails.

Dockers may currently be suffering from a brain tumor-like headache, because I was focusing intense Hate Waves at his balding head. The other people around just stared at him. Dockers better have two artificial legs or Lou Gehrig's disease, or there's no goddam excuse.

OK, here's the rule. If you're a guy, and you have the capability of walking, you give up your seat for any woman who appears older than you*, any woman who's pregnant or holding a small child, and any man who looks like he could have voted for FDR.

Easy, right? Let's try and look out for our fellow hapless Muni travelers, shall we?

*The reason I say "older than you" is because giving up your seat for a younger woman seems kinda flirty. If the chick's cute, use your best judgment.


Anonymous said...

new mix for yo peeps!! enjoy!!

Rocco said...

wait, why didn't you just say, "excuse me, but you're being VERY rude?"

SFMuni Lady01 said...

Thanks for the shout out!
Smooth riding,
SF Muni Ladies