Monday, July 14, 2008

My Blog is All-Powerful.

Ready for some weird-ass coincidence? Here goes.

On Thursday, I wrote about this guy who wouldn't give up his seat on Muni for an old lady. I'm not going to link to it; just look down. It's the next post right below this one.

Well, guess what? When I got on the train today, there he was! In almost the same seat, even.

So at the same time I get on, I'm followed by a youngish Mom carrying her child. Now guess what happens. Dockers SPRINGS UP LIKE A RABBIT ON CRACK and gives Mom the seat.

Swear to God.

Now, this means one of two things happened betwixt Thursday and today: (1) Dockers realized on his own that he should be giving up his seat, or (2) Dockers reads my blog! If so, Dockers, sorry for sending Hate Waves at your brain. Hope you're OK! Anyway, thanks for getting with the program and giving up your seat.

Pretty fucking unbelievable either way, right?

Moving on, yesterday Super Hot Irish Girlfriend and I took a drive up the coast.

This is the very beginning of Tomales Bay. Actually, this was about the only part of the drive when it wasn't totally overcast. I like taking drives. Since I never drive anymore, it's like an adventure.

Nothing really exciting happened, though.

The next time I post it'll be from Music City. My intelligence indicates that it's normal summer weather there, which means about 115 degrees during the day with 400 percent humidity and people literally dropping dead from heat exhaustion in the streets everywhere you go.

For me and The Sister, it means drinking beer on my Dad's patio at 11 p.m. when it's cooled down to a reasonable 95. See you from there!

P.S. One other thing - I kinda had a slip-up on Saturday and sort of maybe fell off the wagon a little bit. I don't want to make a big deal about it.


Skance said...

Time to get on that post about winning the lottery! Maybe the Lottery Commissioner rwads your blog too.

Oh, and also....j'accuse! j'accuse!

DrFeelgood said...

The weather here was very pleasant today; in the 80's, I think, with low humidity. It felt like late September.
The Brother.