Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trendy Google professionals, we're on to you

(Taken at 24th & Guerrero)

Well, sure, of course "trendy Google professionals help raise housing costs." Trendy professionals who work for anyone help raise housing costs. Even un-trendy, hopelessly square professionals who watch "According to Jim" help raise housing costs. So what's your point?

In the Mission, methinks, Google is an easy target because it's so visible. Every morning and afternoon, the Google busses that ferry employees from the Mission to Google HQ can be seen trundling around the Mission, loading and unloading their (incredibly young-looking) worker drones. So even though, say, Yahoo might have more employees per capita in the Mission, they just don't have as high a profile.

Picking on Google also kinda sucks because the fact that they use busses must keep a lot of cars off the road and probably results in a huge net decrease in carbon emissions and auto accidents and all kinds of other bad stuff. Good for Google for arranging transportation like this.

What you gotta love about this stencil, though, is the amount of work involved. Check out the multicolored lettering! To do this, the artist has to tote around green, yellow, red, black, and white cans. That's commitment to your statement, even if it is maybe picking the wrong target.

Hey, what about those Giants? The last two games sure have been fun, and last night Richie Aurilia proved he can still play ball. Sure, it's only the Nationals, maybe the worst team in the National League, but the way they're playing now reminds me of that scene in Bull Durham where the team is on a losing streak and then Kevin Costner turns on the sprinklers and they slide around and then remember they're supposed to be having fun and then start winning games. They're having fun! Oh, and I can't find a picture, but did you see the stirrup socks on Geno Espineli? Awesome.

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Stephen said...

The battle for SF housing prices was lost 10 years ago. It's just quaint that someone would put the time into that as though there were some opportunity to nip things in the bud. I suspect s/he got here a few months ago - after graduating from Reed - and is trying to spread his/her activist wings.