Monday, July 7, 2008

So that happened

Hope everyone had a nice holiday and you didn't become grievously injured by fireworks. I spent the actual 4th at the Giants game (watching them lose, like every game I go to this year) and later at The Dubliner.

- Had dinner Thursday night at Incanto on Church. Now, I'm not a food blogger by any stretch, but I sorta know when something's good, and this was really, really good. A+++++++ WILL DO BUSINESS AGAIN.

One humorous note - the couple that sat next to us were unintentionally hilarious. After first telling the waitress 5 or 6 times that he was a vegetarian, he asked her if they had a "chopped salad." She told him, as she already had once, that everything they had was on the menu. So he says - I hope you're sitting down - "Can the chef chop up the salad for me?" Do you also want your wine in a sippy cup, cowboy? Grow the fuck up.

- I had the recent misfortune of reading The Raw Shark Texts, which I gather has attained some kind of cult following, probably due to its bullshit dime-store mysticism and faux veneer of Deep Thought. It's actually a carefully constructed screen of apparent meaning concealing nothing. The plot is far too abstruse to describe in a few sentences, but essentially a guy wakes up with amnesia and then slowly learns that he's being chased by a metaphysical shark that feeds on thoughts. God, it's painful just typing that. Avoid. Avoid.

- We were over at Vintage Microwave World HQ in the East Bay with Stephen and Jessica on Saturday and man, was it ever nice over there. Anyway, they're dogsitting Daisy, who's maybe one of the cutest best smartest most attractive dogs ever. It made me yearn to get a dog. But the problem is, I don't want just any dog. I want that specific dog. Alas, she already has an owner.

Oh, also, Jessica's enchiladas? Kickass.

- New Locked Up Abroad tonight! Oh, wait, it's about a guy who gets kidnapped by some rebel group in Colombia. That's no good. I only like the drug-smuggling backpack kids who get suckered into taking 5 keys of blow from Hong Kong to Bangkok. Drag.

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DrFeelgood said...

I took some heavy fireworks just to the right of my right shin Friday night. No burns. Just the warm feeling of a 98 mph fastball, grazing off the lower leg. Really peachy. The swelling was weird, like feeling a hard-baked Cheet-o just under the skin.