Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do not tailgate Jesus

2 observations about modern air travel:

1. Tommy Bahama shirts have achieved full market penetration.
2. The Memphis airport smells like fried food.

So I'm at my Dad's place near Nashville. As predicted, it's pretty fucking hot - like 94 right now or something - but it was actually kinda cool last night.

Unfortunately, technical problems have prevented me from posting any pixx from here, so you're just going to have to wait. I can tell you that I just saw a car with two bumper stickers, one that said "Are you following JESUS this close?" and one that said, "Help stop AIDS, get married and be faithful." So there you go.

To say that it's relaxing here would be a ridiculous understatement. What we do is (1) plan meals, (2) go to the grocery store (sometimes two or three times in a day), (3) make and eat meals, (4) sit outside on the patio and drink beer, and (5) go to bed. Then repeat that the next day. Although tonight step (4) will be augmented with some St. Supery sauvignon blanc I brought from home.

Hope everything's good back in SF. Don't do anything fun without me.

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