Friday, July 25, 2008

40 going on 28 recommends

1. Mad Men

If you didn’t watch this brilliantly-conceived series on AMC last year, you missed something. Recently thrust into the spotlight by virtue of a boatload of Emmy nominations, this stylish, if glacially-paced, series that’s facially about advertising in the early 60’s but is really about the roles we adopt to deal with each other, is not to be missed. The new season debuts Sunday night at 10 p.m.

2. Popchips

Oh, Popchips, how do you do it? How can you be so fucking delicious and have only half the fat that regular chips have? How can you be so light and crunchy with all natural ingredients? What vile sorcery created thee? I will never leave you, Popchips. Even if they start selling Munchos in my area again.

3. Trident Xtra Care Peppermint

Gum has gotten really complicated. There used to be Juicy Fruit and Doublemint and Super Bubble. Then there was Dentyne and Trident. Now choosing a gum is like picking a wine at Bacar. There’s like hundreds of choices. I was on Orbit for a while, then Eclipse. I dabbled a little with Dentyne Ice, but I still hadn’t found a suitable gum of choice. Then I found Trident Xtra Care Peppermint. Assertive mint flavor without being overbearing, and easy to chew. It comes in an attractive gum wallet that goes effortlessly from office to lounge. A good all-purpose gum.

4. Drunk History

At first I thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Then I thought, “No way I would have thought of that, but I’m glad somebody did.” The filmmakers tape a real person recounting a historical event while really drunk. They then get actors (including some fairly well-known ones) to follow the narration and film the whole thing. The results are sometimes hilarious. This is my fave. It’s almost 6 minutes long, but calm your Internet-fried mind that loses interest after 43 seconds and just watch it.

5. John Bowker

If you're looking for a Giants player to like, here's your man. Homered in his first two games as a Giant. Currently third in RBIs among NL rookies. Hustles every game. Subject of a serious crush by Super Hot Irish Girlfriend. May or may not have a girlfriend. Is not on the Valparaiso City Council. John Bowker.


DrFeelgood said...

Drunk history. Hilarious. Loved it.

Rocco said...

drunk history! not unlike some drunk physics lessons we've had in the past!

periqueblend said...

That was half a bottle of wine?

TK said...

@whirlwind -

I think it was a bottle and a half. Or as I like to call it, "pre-dinner."