Monday, June 30, 2008

Today's Top 5

1. A Voyage Long and Strange, by Tony Horwitz

Horwitz is a great writer. This book began with Horwitz idly wondering what happened in America between Columbus in 1492 and Plymouth in 1620. As it turns out, a lot happened. The Spanish made it as far inland as Arkansas and Tennessee in the South and established the first permanent city in the New World, St. Augustine. Rather than just recounting the history, Horwitz personally follows the explorers' routes, talking up the people who live there now. It's a fascinating book.

2. Giants beat As 1-0 on Saturday.

Sure, the 11-1 asskicking on Sunday was fun, but wow, that game on Saturday was a classic. Timmy Lincecum just pitched his heart out and Brian Wilson - who leads the league in saves - of course made it exciting and put a man on before getting the save. Great game.

3. Long weekend

How great is it that July 4 is a Friday this year? Pretty fucking great, that's how great. I'll be out at the ballyard on Friday watching the G's lose to the Dodgers, in case you're wondering. Then I'll watch some red and blue smudges through the inevitable fog.

4. The Southern Exposure at Alembic.


5. Spain over Germany 1-0 in the Euro final.

Great match. I picked a winner.

Honorable mention: My band's playing Tuesday night. Email me if you want deets.


Unknown said...

Did you see the front page of the Chron? Bin Bandits!

TK said...

Kathleen -

I did! Vindication! The bins on my street got pciked over 3 separate times that I saw yesterday. Crazy.