Friday, June 27, 2008

Drunk Guy on Muni of the Day

The scene: 24th and Mission. Today, around 1:30 p.m. Don't even say anything; we had a power failure at work, so I had a hall pass.

So there's a 67 bus stopped there at the stop. Just as I get there, a cop car pulls up and the 2 cops get out and get on the bus. Then a Muni supervisor-type arrives and gets on too. Obvs. everyone standing around is staring at the bus trying to figure out what's going on.

The cops come out with a little guy who's wasted. I mean, he was fucked up. I love this - he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. WOO-HOO! LET'S PARTY!!

Anyway, the cops talk to him for a second and I guess they decide that taking him to 850 Bryant would be more trouble than it's worth, and, hey, what the hell, he can stand up under his own power, so fuck it. So they turn around and start talking to Muni Supervisor Guy and it looks like Hawaiian shirt is free to go.

Here's my favorite part. Instead of hightailing it out of there and thanking St. Jude that he's not on the way to jail, HOMEBOY TRIES TO GET BACK ON THE BUS. I'm sure he's like, "Hey, I'm not at my stop yet. Better get back on the fuckin' bus!" So he's standing there and knocking on the closed bus door. Awesome.

The two cops wheel around and grab him again. Now, at this point, the 48 is here and I gotta go. Last thing I saw, the cops were done talking to him and he was tottering off down 24th.

If you're out tonight and see a very drunk short Hispanic guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt, give him a high-five for me. Dude isn't gonna let cops keep him from getting where he's going.

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Rocco said...

MG would appreciate it if you didn't talk about his brother like that.