Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today's Super WTF

Something called "eOntario" reports that the Sony PSP will include Google searching. OK. That's fine. Here's the story, in fact:

New York - The Sony PSP firmware 4.0 will add a new Google Search feature to the handheld.

Google Search for the PSP will allow for the 20 last searches to be stored in the memory of the console. Video will also be able to be played directly off of a memory stick.

The Google Search feature will be available under the Network category in the XMB.
A new Internet Search icon is being added. These are the same search results you would get if you were on Google.com.

Google and SCEA may collaborate further in the future on the PSP and PS3.

Boring, right? Check out the accompanying picture:

Wait, what? Did I miss something in the article? I've re-read it five times now and I still can't discern why the addition of Google will make women want to lick the PSP like they were in a porno. Seriously, WTFF?


Jessica said...

Mandy Moore just really likes her PSP, okay?

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to lick your xbox 360?
I mean c'mon GTA4!! ..i've said too much...