Monday, June 16, 2008

Damn you, recycling poachers!

- Did the Giants really get swept by the A's? That sucks.

- How am I supposed to feel about recycling poachers? On the one hand, it's illegal and it jacks the city out of the money it needs to keep the recycling program going. On the other hand, the poachers look pretty damn poor to me. Except for this guy today who had his own truck and parked and then went down the street systematically picking out all the aluminum cans from everyone's bin. So is this supposed to piss me off?

I felt vaguely pissed off, if that helps.

- Went with Super Hot Irish Girlfriend, my sister, and sister's bf to Indigo for dinner last night. It was OK. I wouldn't go back.


Unknown said...

No, you don't even know! These old ladies in my neighborhood KILL me. They seriously sit with their eyes to the window on Tuesday nights just waiting for you to bring your trash out. Then once you have one can out, they race across the street and by the time I come back with the other can they have their arms full of cans, bottles, etc.

I lost it a few weeks ago with the main offender. I saw her and was like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO!" She said something in Chinese and kept going through my trash. I ended up handing her all of the bottles just so she'd get out of my trash. The next week we had too much stuff. I put it in her can.

Rocco said...

if you can even remember being at indigo, that's more than i can say for myself.

themacinator said...

yes, they got swept. oh, yes, they got swept, how beautiful it was.

i am the same way as you- wtf is up with those recycling theivers? what do you think they make an hour when they turn in the recycling? $2? maybe? and the risks are huge. i know of at least 2 that got bit by dogs in the last month. it's just not worth it.

roslyn said...
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roslyn said...

perhaps you can find consolation in the fact that you are part of a national trend.