Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dead things: woman in dry ice, Brad Hennessey's career

The woman's body found packed in dry ice story continues to freak me the fuck out.

A detective was riffling through an ice-packed plastic container for evidence of drugs when he touched a hard, oval object, according to court papers obtained by
the newspaper.

The object turned out to be Trepp's head, Detective Robert Watts wrote in an application for a second search warrant.

"The objects inside the container appeared to be frozen. I observed a thermometer with an external black wire lead which (sic) deeper into the container," Watts wrote.

"As I reached into the container, I felt a hard oval object covered with cloth. I removed the cloth and observed blond hair and the top of a human head."

"And then I decompensated and had to be institutionalized" is what it would say next if I was writing this.

BUT WAIT it gets even weirder.

According to the warrants, detectives also found a reciprocating saw sitting on the bed and hundreds of photographs of a blond woman. They also found papers on crime-scene cleanup inside a bag, and several articles and papers on body decomposition in a desk.

Does anyone here ever watch "Dexter" on Showtime? BTW, you should be, but anyway, that's what this whole thing reminds me of. OH BEST PART - the chick in the dry ice WASN'T MURDERED.

Now, on to Brad Hennessey, he of middle relief for the Giants. Remember a few days ago when his ERA was 27.00? Couldn't get worse, right?

WRONG. Yesterday in Milwaukee: 1 inning, 5 earned runs, ERA 37.80.

Thirty motherfucking seven point eighty. Get your head around that. Oh, Brad Hennessey, why must thou tormentest me so?

MOVING ON. Dinner last night with 10 other people at First Crush for Tom's birthday. Great time, lots of wine, etc., etc. Isn't it fun to look through the pixx stored in the digital camera the next day?


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Happy opening day in SF!

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Three other pitchers! (I swear to god if he ever gets a save opportunity, Brian "Beach Boy" Wilson will be so worth it!)