Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Drop it like it's hot

It's the big Olympic Torch Relay today, and doesn't it sound like fun? I mean, everybody already knows that it's going to be a clusterfuck disaster, so why are they still doing it? I mean, they could just say, "We could see that every hippie with a Palestinian scarf in 500 miles was going to jump on us like Pete Doherty on a crack rock, so we decided not to give you the satisfaction. How you like that?" It's not like China's rep could get any worse.

Artist's conception of Olympic torch run. Note clusterfuckedness of whole scene.

Turning to the Giants, they won last night. THIS IS NOT A MISPRINT. Oh, and Brad Hennessey? Got his ERA down to 14.40. Go ahead and laugh, but it's way better than 38-point-whatever. 2 innings, 0 ER, 3 strikeouts.

You are no longer our personal goat, Brad Hennessey. Couple more outings like this and you'll have it down, to what, 10 or something. YOU GO, BRAD HENNESSEY.

Did you see the shots of the people in the stands? They looked fucking miserable. It was 52 at gametime and what were the winds, like 25 miles an hour? I wouldn't have taken free Field Club seats for that shit.

Oh, one more thing about this - there's a guy on the Padres named Callix Sadeaq Crabbe. It's like an anagram or something.

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Dusty Modern said...

Yeah, I'll tell you, if I'm Newsom, I'm calling Stockton's mayor and offering him the pleasure of hosting the torch. "Look, Jim, we don't want to deal with this. Maybe it will boost your worst-in-the-nation housing market. The protests will put you on the map, and if you clamp down hard, maybe some Chinese company will offer to build a factory in your godforsaken town. The average wage there *is* less than it is in Changchun, right?"