Saturday, April 26, 2008

Maybe they aren't as bad as we thought

You know how we said before the season started that the Giants are going to have to have some unbelievable pitching if they're going to win any games? Well, guess what. They've had it.

Last night's winner Jonathan Sanchez. He has a fairly pronounced Spanish accent. Who knew? I figured he was from San Diego or something. Pic shamelessly stolen from SFGate.

So in the last 3 games, the starting pitchers have given up ZERO runs. Last night, Sanchez struck out 10. Lincecum is 4-0 and has an ERA of 1.23. Good thing, too, since the offense only managed 7 runs in those 3 games.

ANYWAY, the G's are in 2nd place in the West and generally look a lot better than we thought they would. If they could just get some runs, they'd be a team. Still, those last 3 games sure were fun to watch. Granted, the Padres and Reds aren't exactly powerhouses, but still.

In other news, OMFG it's so nice out! I took a walk through the Mish this morning and everybody just looked happy, because it's not freezing cold with 50 mile an hour winds like it usually is in this Godforsaken city. Get off your fat ass and go outside, you pasty white bastard!

I'd avoid Zeitgeist, though, unless you have fond memories of a soccer riot or a Who concert in Cincinnati.

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