Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tommy Lee, Friend of the Environment

Quick, name an environmentally-conscious celebrity. If you said Moby or Michael Stipe, you can suck it, because the correct answer is Tommy Lee.

It seems that Tommy Lee and, of all people, Ludacris, are in the midst of filming a new reality show entitled "Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee". Check it:
The hard-charging, hard-partying, carbon-laden world of tour bus-living musicians doesn't exactly scream green! Now, Planet Green challenges two icons to join the newest trend in music; "going green." Battleground Earth challenges hip hop superstar Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and rock god Tommy Lee to battle against the toxic forces destroying Mother Earth as they travel across the country on a 10-episode tour.

Viewers witness the two stars pushed to the limit as they attempt to keep their high-wattage acts on an eco-friendly course. Enlisting the help of their posses, celebrity guests, and anyone else willing to lend a hand, Ludacris and Tommy Lee dive right into the Battleground Earth competition with unexpected and sometime hilarious results. The contest doesn't let up as each of these stars are judged and scored on the green meter. This Rap n' Roll battle culminates in a green carpet benefit concert at Los Angele's legendary Greek Theater. The concert featuring Ludacris, Tommy Lee, and many of their famous musician friends will support the renewal of Griffith Park, which was devastated by recent wildfires.
Awesome, right? Makes perfect sense. Incidentally, my favorite part of this press release is the new possessive for LA: "Los Angele's."

ANYWAY, Tommy was in Berkeley last Thursday and stopped by the Ecology Center there to tool around in their biodiesel truck and to get his environment on. Luckily, I have well-placed informants who were there. Behold:

Tommy's Battleground Earth tour bus. Possibility of stinky hippie groupies inside?

Here we see UC Berkeley students loading biodegradable bags of cocaine onto the truck for Tommy.

Where's my carbon footprint at?

I am further informed that Luda was in SF at the same time, but sadly, he seems to have flown under the radar. This whole thing is just so full of win I can't wait.

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