Thursday, October 17, 2013

It Was 20 Years Ago Today: Music Edition

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Remember our new feature, where we look at the Chronicle from 20 years ago on this day and see what we can see?  It's back.  Today, we will be focusing on music, because I found a bunch of music ads and they are pretty great.

(If we were playing It Was 24 Years Ago Today, today would be VERY EXCITING.  Or tomorrow, I guess, since the Very Exciting Thing didn't happen until 5 pm.)

Let's see who was playing at Slim's that week.

 Wow, in one 3-day period, you could have seen the Jesus Lizard, the Catherine Wheel (with the Connells?  What an odd bill.  Whatever.) and Redd Kross.  And I love No Doubt opening up for the Dance Hall Crashers on the 21st.  Those two bands were headed in different directions, no doubt.  SEE WHAT I DID THERE.  Also, Widespread Panic, ugh.

Personally, I am PAINED that I didn't go to the Uncle Tupelo/Giant Sand show on November 11.

Moving on, how about the Warfield?

SKAVOOVEE '93!!!!!  With the Special Beat, Skatalites, the Selecter, and the Toasters.  I bet that was fun.  Skavoovee.  Also, Green Day opening up for Bad Religion!  And best of all, Radiohead opening for Belly!  What a world.

You guys, there used to be a bar called The Boathouse on the shores of beautiful Lake Merced.  I went there once, I don't remember why.  Probably not to see California Hardbodies Oil Wrestling or the Black Hole Gang.  Over at Bottom of the Hill, they had Love Battery and Heavy Into Jeff.  Does anyone remember Tarr & Feathers at 2140 Union Street?  I have no memory of its existence, except from seeing it in ads like this.  There's something called The Brixton there now.  I didn't know that existed either, until I Googled the address this very second.  I guess I need to get out more.

Guess what?  The Independent used to be called The Kennel Club back in the day.  And by "the day," clearly I mean "October 17, 1993."

Lotta 90's in that listing.  Voivod, Jesus Lizard again, with Cop Shoot Cop, and MCM & the Monster.  Oh look, it's Yo La Tengo on November 3!

You know I wouldn't wrap this without some Real Estate Pr0n.  Wanna get a place in Noe Valley?  How about this one:

$299,000 364 28th St. Sun 1-4 2nd Open! 3 sty VU cottage. 2 BR 2 BA hot tub, pkg.

That's right.  A 3-story home in Noe Valley for under $300K.  Current Zillow estimate: $1,260,000.  Jesus APR Christ.


Stephen said...

This post is depressing. I want to see all those shows, which means 20 years ago is my au courant. I'm Joel Selvin, longing for Sons of Champlin in 1989. C'est la morte.

In other news, the Echo Furniture building on 24th - storefront and flat above, was $339k.

TK said...

I didn't even mention the Lemonheads/Hole show or the Stereolab show. I'm wondering if this was an extraordinary 2-3 weeks of live music in SF or if it was like that all the time. I honestly don't remember.

We should have just been going to shows every night instead of whatever other stupid thing we were doing.

Stoney said...

God dammit.

lucydeecy said...

MCM & The Monster YESSSSSSSSS - us girls would put on our minidresses and dry dry matte lipstick and tights with runs and cigarette burn holes. Sweet memory.

Tamagosan said...

I love the idea of advertising shows in the Chronicle. I used to scour Haight Street for flyers, who knew I could just be lazy and read deeper in the paper. Oh, the 90s... Later in that wonderful decade, I took up residence at Maritime Hall every weekend, but I don't think they advertised in the Chronicle. Amazing line-ups, though, especially for hip-hop and reggae, my cups of tea.

I liked the Justice League version of The Independent. The Twist (sorry, Barry McGee) pieces on the walls were amazing...

I'm with Stephen, this is depressing!

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