Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dulera TV commercial set in SF riddled with factual errors

DULERA is probably some kind of medication; I'm not sure, because the ad is SO FULL OF FACTUAL PROBLEMS that it made it impossible to focus on whatever kind of snake oil they're selling.

First problem: the spot is officially called "Amy's World," which is SUPER CREEPY and sounds like it will be set in the attic where Amy has been imprisoned for her entire adult life.  But no, it's mostly set in San Francisco.

When the ad begins, we see a young woman who we must assume is the "Amy" of the ad's title.  She is holding a Golden Gate Bridge snow globe and standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Thanks to DULERA, she is able to realize her dream of coming to San Francisco.  Maybe DULERA is a pill that makes air travel more affordable.

We see Amy and her male companion at a souvenir stand at around what is probably Fort Point.

SECOND PROBLEM: To my knowledge, THERE IS NO SUCH SOUVENIR STAND AT THAT LOCATION.  Viewers who see Amy's World and expect to purchase souvenirs where Amy did will be BADLY MISLED.

The action the shifts to YET ANOTHER SOUVENIR STAND.  It appears to be somewhere around the Wharf, based on Coit Tower in the background.  Amy and her unnamed male companion seem to be hell-bent on hitting up every souvenir stand they can find.  Here, Unnamed Male Companion, bored of photographing Amy, begins to PHOTOGRAPH THE SOUVENIRS.

Jesus Christ, dude.  It's just a pile of stuffed blue crabs.  Turn the camera around and take a picture of fucking COIT TOWER.  It's right behind you!

Next, we're on to the cable cars, obvi.

Third problem: WHERE THE FUCK IS EVERYBODY?  Is this the post-apocalyptic San Francisco?  If so, why does Amy want to be there?  (It's certainly not post-Rapture San Francisco, because everybody would just be where they normally are.)

After a brief sojourn to Lombard Street and Chinatown, we see Amy and UMC.....IN A CONVERTIBLE.

Are you shitting me, Dulera?  IT'S TOO COLD TO RIDE IN A CONVERTIBLE.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Dulera is a drug that makes you hallucinate or takes you to alternate realities? That's the only explanation.

Andrea said...

Yeah, with each dose of Dulera one is removed from Earth Prime and and put into a Sliders-esque version of San Francisco.
Side effects - may make you play keyboards as badly as Rembrandt Brown.

Tamagosan said...

Clearly the director is from Maryland, because why else would the crabs be blue? I bet UMC is all, "Whoa, they have blue crabs here, too? Let me tweet that STAT!"

GG said...

WTF is up with a snow globe of a landmark that will never have actual snow falling on it?

Tamagosan said...


Stoney said...

LOL'd at "It's certainly not post-Rapture San Francisco, because everybody would just be where they normally are."

I think picture one is the path high above Fort Point. Still no souvenir stand there. Just a lot of people with rental bikes.

Unknown said...

I would take a pic of the blue crabs, they are adorable

metalrob72 said...

I'm annoyed with this commercial (which I've seen on tv 5 times in the last hour) because it implies San Francisco is bad for asthmatics (Dulera is an asthma drug). Amy says "I've always dreamed of coming here", but apparently she couldn't until the miraculous asthma drug made our deadly air breathable. I'm a native San Franciscan and an asthmatic, and quite frankly, our air is cleaner than just about every other major city in the country.

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