Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why I Quit

People quit a lot of things and want you to know about it!  Here are some results when you Google "Why I Quit".  Inspired by The Tens.

Why I quit Netflix
Why I quit Twitter
Why I quit Instagram

Why I Quit Klout and Why You Should Too! (excl. pt. in original)

Why I quit Minecraft
Why I quit Black Ops
Why I quit MW3

Why I quit my teaching job mid-year
Why I quit Teach for America
Why I quit going to church
Why I quit playing Foursquare

Why I Quit Zombie School
Why I quit being so accommodating
Why I quit Tango! (excl. pt. in original)

Why I quit the New York Times to become an activist
Why I quit my UN job to make video games
Why I quit The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Why I quit journalism and joined the Indian Army in 1962
Why I quit learning Korean

Why We Quit Facebook: The New Tell-All


Anonymous said...

I like to imagine that the Foursquare in question is the children's playground game and not the check-in app. "If Jenny and Kevin are just going to tea party all day then I'm going to go play tetherball instead."

Stephen said...

When you see the word "quit" enough times, it begins to look misspelled.

Stephen said...
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Tamagosan said...

That second to last para is all me.

Blogger said...

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