Monday, December 31, 2012

TK's Year in Review

THE GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES.  AGAIN.  The end.  No wait, some other stuff happened too.

The Wife got pregnant.  She'll be thrilled that came in second to the Giants winning the WS, but hey, she didn't have to win 3 games in a row TWICE to get pregnant.

It was the coldest September in San Francisco since at least 1980.

I went to 67 different bars and 74 different restaurants in 2012.  A lot of bars I went to multiple times (like Molotov's, Southern Pacific, Dalva, the Gold Cane, the Makeout Room, the 540 Club, Mad Dog in the Fog, Kezar Pub, Hemlock, the Bitter End, Mosto, Waziema, the Hi-Lo Club, The Page, Thieves Tavern, O'Keefe's, Sycamore, Murio's, the Hi Dive, the Bitter End, the Plough and Stars, Nickie's, and Lucky 13). 

The first bar I went to in 2012 was the Lone Palm, on January 1.  That turned out to be the only time I went to the Lone Palm this year.  The last one (probably) was the Armory Club, two nights ago.  First time at the Armory Club actually.  I liked it.  It's dark and has a fake fireplace and a pressed tin ceiling and really good cocktails and, yes, some rather startling explicitly pornographic art on the walls, since it was created by, the porn factory across the street.

We got there around 8:30.  By 10:00, it was packed and there was at least a 20-minute wait at the bar for drinks, despite the presence of two very capable bartenders.  There was also some kind of private party going on in the back room.  I don't know who or what it was for, but there were at least two people dressed up as pandas and at least one guy wearing a handkerchief-printed muu-muu.  He looked like a giant do-rag in search of an enormous head to adorn.  By that time, there was a line at the door and a velvet rope.  I honestly do not understand waiting in line for any bar.  I was inside and I wouldn't have waited in line.  There are thousands of places in SF to get a drink and thousands more to look at pornography, and neither one either alone or in conjunction is worth waiting in line for.

What else?  We moved to the Inner Richmond.  I discovered people line up for busses there.  I like it!  It's mostly quiet, except for the occasional drunk college kids (and occasional drunk adults in our backyard, to be honest).  We fixed up a house.  I got a lot of sandwiches from Arguello Market.  There was an election.

See you in 2013.


Tamagosan said...

I know someone who named their kid Buster after the first WS win, so I guess The Wife should be relieved (pun intended) you're not going for something like that. At least I hope you're not. Just don't do Hunter for the love of God.

We get a ridiculous amount of the "World Famous" roast turkey sandwiches from Arguello Market and damn they are GOOD. Sourdough, add cran, add avo. I am on a break from meat, and they are one of the things I miss. So I just overdose on Vélo Rouge Café cappuccinos, always a dangerous game but never a bad idea.

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