Friday, June 10, 2011

Somebody doesn't like Cliff

2 blog posts in one day! I'm turning into Mission Mission over here.

Anyways, whilst out walking the dog yesterday, I came across this curious artifact on the sidewalk:
(Last name redacted in case Cliff isn't really a drunk driver or violent felon.)

WTF? It's one of those peel-off stickers that someone hasn't peeled off yet. Is this the Worst Nametag Ever or was someone planning on an Anti-Cliff campaign in my hood?

We walked another block and THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE, also not peeled. I picked 'em up, for sure. They'll be a hoot at parties.

The Wife found another one this morning when she was walking the dog. What the fuck is going on?


GG said...

I figured it was a way to cut down on small talk when I was chatting with new people. Thanks for finding those for me.


Tamagosan said...

...but Cliff's darkest secret is that he inspires people to litter.

Cliff said...

I friend on mine sent me a pic of almost the same note (minus last name) this week...