Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Go ahead, pass that circumcision ban!

I'm actually hoping that the proposed ban on circumcision in San Francisco passes, and I'll tell you why. Because of my plan to open a 24-hour circumcision mill just across the border in Daly City.

What do you think? Do you like "Cut 'N' Run"? I was also thinking "Circumfashion" or "Tip Top Removal Service."

See, if the ban passes in SF, obviously circumcision will still be legal just a stone's throw down Mission Street in Daly City, or across the bridge in Oakland, or across the other bridge in Marin. And obviously as long as there's Jews or just people who wanna circumcise their kids, there's a market for it, so VOILA, I'll be there to pick up the slack. Or cut off the slack, as it were. POW!!!

(Speaking of Marin, can't you just picture the circumcision outfit there? Soft lighting, quiet New Age music playing on hidden speakers, the gentle scent of herbal tea, and circumcision tables padded with supple calfskin. Divine.)

(The pic is some hairstylist in Toronto. Credit to Hopefully no one gets mad.)


GG said...

Cut it Out!
Scissor Sisters
TK Scissorhands
Cold Cuts

Stoney said...

Here Today, Gone to Mohel
Best Briss
Fore No More

Generik said...

Little Richard's House of the Covenant
The Tip Jar
Odds & Ends
Bed, Bris and Beyond
Mohels R Us

Jesse said...

the phallus of fine art
house of skin
wang chunk

TK said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, people, but I don't think we need to hear anything more now that we have "The Phallus of Fine Art."