Friday, June 10, 2011

Exercise with TK

Exercise has never really been my bag. I mean, for most of my life I had this crazy metabolism where I could eat anything I wanted and still look like a P.O.W. but I usually didn't eat that much anyway unless a lime in a Jack and Coke counts as food. Then you get to a certain age and shit starts to go south. You know what I'm talking about. I'm not like morbidly obese but I'm 6'4" and hovering around 200 freaks me out. I used to rock a solid 185 pretty much all the time so you know what I'm saying.

Also, exercise is supposedly good for you and whatever. If walking to a bar counts as exercise then I used to be all set.

SO ANYWAY I've been trying out some exercise. A few years ago when I lived in North Beach I used to take these long epic walks to like the Presidio and back but that wasn't just for exercise but also because I lived above these two kids whose Mom used to take off and leave them alone and they'd blast Metallica at like 9 on a Monday night and I just had to get out of thew house. Then I joined a gym but I didn't really like it because I'm not really a gym person and everyone else there was super fucking annoying (I'm talking to you, Bluetooth Guy Who Drank Coffee While Working Out Like What the Fuck). I used to run cross country back in high school and tried doing that again but it was fucking murder on my knees so I had to abandon that.

So you guys I know this is boring but I think I finally found my thing. It's doing these workout that things they have on Comcast On Demand with Chris Freytag.

This bitch has this whole set of like 20-minute long workouts on On Demand and she is KICKING MY FUCKING ASS. Swear to God, you may think TV workouts are for bored housewives and mental deficients, but by the time one of these gems is over I'm squirting sweat from every pore and breathing like a fat kid at Field Day. Bitch has no mercy.

So yeah, I know I'm totally doing Lady Exercise but WHATEVER. Haters gonna hate. At least I'm fucking doing SOMETHING every day. Plus, check out Mandy! She looking good! Maybe I can lose 113 pounds too.


Montana Wildhack said...

200 lbs is a totally respectable weight for a man your height! Anyway, I was gonna suggest swimming.

TK said...

Swimming's great but it has the distinct disadvantage of not being possible in my living room. Good idea, though.

Tamagosan said...

Swimming not possible in the living room? Your defeatism is disappointing.

BunkyTom said...

You are inspiring me to leave my couch!!

East Bay Burbs said...

I'm not sure how to combine my living room exercise with your tips for not annoying your neighbors, since I don't think the downstairs girl who talks really loud on her cell liked my rendition of Ra Ra Rasputin from Just Dance 2.