Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thank You

On Monday, April 5, I watched the Giants season opener in a hotel room in Boston, Massachusetts. Over the following six months, I watched all or parts of a good chunk of 161 more games. It was very stressful. If you follow the Giants, you know what I mean.

They clinched the National League West division title today, the last day of the season. The game perfectly encapsulated the whole season: a stomach-churning nail-biter, from start to finish, a low-scoring pitcher's duel. This time, the G's came out on top.

So thanks, Giants. Even you, Brian Wilson, you nutty fake-beard-having, Affliction-wearing, ulcer-inducing sonofabitch. You guys are awesome.

See you on Thursday.

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Tamagosan said...

Thank you indeed. On TV, they showed a woman holding a sign at the ballpark: Torture never felt so good. Until we won, I had no idea how right she was.

Of course, for the final game, I was stuck at home, with no cable and no working radio (long story). So's Game Day it was. This is a very, very lame way to watch a baseball game. I felt even lamer blogging about it. But fine just the same, what with the result and all.

My fingers are crossed in eight direction for this weekend.