Friday, October 22, 2010

It's not the end of the world.

Look, it was extremely unlikely that the Giants would win 3 in a row over the Phillies. EXTREMELY. NOBODY PANIC. Let's go back to Philly and take care of business.


Anonymous said...

The Giants like to do everything the hard way.

Rocco said...

he's kinda cute. which one is that?

TK said...

That's Jonathan Sanchez. He's pitching tomorrow. They don't call him El Guapo for nothing!

Tamagosan said...

Torture it is. At least we'll get to beat the Rangers in the World Series, though. That's pretty cool.

I think J-San is thinking about that victory Philly cheesesteak with extra peppers he'll be noshing on between thoughts of his strikeouts and thoughts of his easily-caught popups. And that's only if he can stop his mind from blowing about his perfect start.

Down in Guam, there's a thunderstorm on the Philippine Sea. In my orange-crazed mind, this is a sign from the Giants gods that tomorrow (Sunday morning here! See, Giants gods!) is going to be the HUMM BABY shiznit.