Monday, July 26, 2010

Important programming information

Look, I just don't think I can write about tonight's "The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All" special because, frankly, I'm a little recapped out right now, plus that shit is going to SUCK. But maybe! Only if Frank shows up in a new Baby Gap ensemble.

I hear that The Wife is considering recapping "Bachelor Pad," and of course we'll run it here at TVgoingonRecap.

Oh, look, though! Moldy Kirk got with some other contestant from some prior season of "The Bachelor". Good for you, Mold Man! Crap, that story says Frank won't be on the show tonight. That sucks! How are we supposed to have any fun? That little bitch has fucked us over again. Now I know how Ali feels!

UPDATE//OH ONE OTHER THING: January Jones and Jason Sudeikis?? I mean, he's a reasonable-enough looking guy, but really? And before that she dated Jeremy Piven? Maybe I do have a chance with her. January, if you're reading, you know what to do.

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Stephen said...

"Some other contestant"? That's the girl who *somehow* befriended Rated R's Canadian girlfriend and called Chris to out him. And she's gonna be on Bachelor Pad? That's a woman devoted to the company.