Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So that happened

There's very little to say at this point that hasn't been said already, and better, by observers both smarter and more literate than me. I will say that it's kind of awe-inspiring and heartening that we, as a nation, have overcome a shameful legacy of discrimination and finally elected someone who used to smoke pot. Maybe we've finally moved past the divides that once rent us apart.

To the left: Don't count on universal health care and group meditation in the Rose Garden just yet.

To the right: It's not going to be as bad as you think.

Obama's a smart dude, and anyone who watched Clinton's massive fuckups in his first year would know not to go down that path again. He'll start out cautiously, I bet. I feel sorry for the guy, actually. It's like finally getting a date with Megan Fox, and then Megan Mullally shows up in her place. Urgh. Anyway, Obama's got a pile of shit to turn into a petit-four and he's only got 4 years to do it. Best of luck, my man.

OH, I almost forgot. This cracked me up. I'm watching Fox News last night after it's all done and Shepard Smith and some chick are post-morteming the whole thing, and he starts talking about how the negative campaign was a disservice to McCain. Remember, this is on the same network that used to run Jeremiah Wright clips on a 24-hour cycle like it was a tornado alert. And then the talking head next to him clucks along and says the attacks on Obama were "very distasteful." O. M. G. Physician, heal thyself!

One last thing. McCain's concession speech kind of ruled. If he had talked like that the whole time.... well, he still probably wouldn't have won, but you get the idea.

OK! That's that. Let's talk about something else now.

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Rocco said...

we can now move on to prop 8, or better yet, the fact that "yes i inhaled - that was the point" is the best line i've heard in a long time.