Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maybe I'm going to the wrong places

- I assume we've all been following the Douchiest Bar in San Francisco discussions over at EaterSF. 122 comments on the thread! Wow, that's a lot of douche.

From my rather cursory glance at the comments, it seems like Medjool and MatrixFillmore are the front-runners. But the more the comments go on, the more it looks like any bar someone doesn't like is going to get mentioned.

I've been to both places and have actually been pretty lucky. I've never been to Medjool when it's at Full Douche, which, judging from all the sparkly shirts and gelled hair in line when I pass it on the way to Mission Bar, appears to be Thursday to Saturday nights after 10. I have been to the rooftop on a Sunday afternoon, which was actually perfectly pleasant and douche-free.

I've also been to at MatrixFillmore at an off-time, Saturday afternooon around 5 or 6. Super Hot Irish Girlfriend and I were the only two people there, so I can safely report that it was COMPLETELY DOUCHE-FREE. The bartender was still a bitch, though.

I think the douchiest places in SF that I've been to are the Blue Light in the Marina (every bad Marina stereotype - loud frat boys, backwards baseball caps, chest bumping, "DUDE!," all that shit), Momo's before Giants games (same exact thing as Blue Light, but outside and packed), and the Redwood Room ($15 cocktails so people can pretend they're in LA, with cosmetic surgery to match).

I never go to dance clubs, but those are probably all much worse than any of these places.

- My dog is a total flirt. Walking last night, he comes to a dead stop in front of a girl who's coming out of her house. She goes, "Oh, what a cute puppy!" He goes wag wag wag wag. I pull on the leash a little. "Leland, c'mon," I say. Nothing. He stands there and looks at her. Wag wag wag wag. She smiles one more time and gets in her car and I can finally pull him away. Geez, dude, get some game. Don't come on too strong. Chicks hate that.

- I know Top Chef is back, and I'm watching it and everything, but somehow I'm not as fired up about it any more.

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