Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Next week: The Dog Conference on Why We Love Cats

Dear God, help me. I just found myself agreeing with Brian Sussman.

As regular readers know, I often tune into the "Suss-man" show when I need a good laugh and a dose of the crazy. I think it's fair to say that Brian and I disagree on most issues. He thinks Obama is a Muslim terrorist and I love sunshine and happiness.

Anyway, tonight he was talking about this conference on religious tolerance at the United Nations. The funny thing about this conference - or, indeed, anything with the word "tolerance" in it - is the fact that it was convened at the behest of Saudi Arabia, that noted world leader in the field of respect for the religions of others.

Brian and I both call bullshit on this charade. Saudi Arabia is one of the most famously religiously intolerant places on Earth, with roaming gangs of religious morality police who administer beatdowns if you practice another religion in public. Saudi Arabia is so bad that it's one of the few countries that almost everyone hates. The far left hates it for its treatment of women as chattel. The religious right hates it for the fact that it's a Muslim theocracy. Everyone with a GMC Yukon hates it for how much it charges for gas. Never mind the fact that the majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from there and not from Iraq, the country we actually went to war with.

So why would Fuckedupistan convene a conference on religious tolerance? To try and score some points with the other countries? Not really, according to this scary as shit story:

Saudi King Abdullah, who initiated this week's special session, is quietly enlisting the leaders' support for a global law to punish blasphemy – a campaign championed by the 56-member Organization of Islamic Conference that puts the rights of religions ahead of individual liberties. If the campaign succeeds, states that presume to speak in the name of religion will be able to crush religious freedom not only in their own country, but abroad.
So there you have it. This shit is scarier than The Ring and Go-gurt combined. And the Suss-man and I finally agree on something.

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