Thursday, August 11, 2016

That should about do it

When I started this blog in 2008, I initially intended to write it for one year.  But the voices didn't stop and so it went on and on and on.  Since then, I got engaged, got married, had a kid, went to some bars, that kind of thing.

It's been a blast but to tell you the truth, my heart's not in it any more.  Maybe I've mellowed out a little and am not periodically seized by the fits of rage that ended up fueling my expletive-soaked rants here?  Who knows.  I just don't feel like posting enough any more to keep this A Thing.

For the record, the most popular posts of all time were "This $10,500 rental in the Mission is absurd" and "It's not a party without American Red Cups," followed closely by "30 Reasons to Hate San Francisco," which people STILL READ and STILL TAKE SERIOUSLY even though it was intended as a lovingly snarky followup to the starry-eyed and embarrassingly heartfelt "50 Reasons to Love San Francisco."  Reading both of those now, it strikes me how much SF has changed since 2010.  Regardless, for the record, I still love San Francisco.  God knows it has problems, but I still don't want to live anywhere else.

Maybe the suburbs when I'm older, I don't know.  Looking for parking gets old after a while.

It's not like I'm vanishing off the Internet anyway.  I will maintain, I'm sure, a vibrant and dumb Twitter presence and may occasionally post longer form pieces somewhere.  Medium?  Ugh, I guess, whatever.  Better than taking a screenshot of a wall of text and posting that on Twitter.

In closing, thanks for reading.  It's been fun.


Unknown said...

Well this is depressing! You'll be missed!

Anonymous said...


Stoney said...

Wow. Sunrise, sunset...

KBN said...

1225 posts. Slow clap, also tipping my hat...(and re-reading for the foreseeable future)

Rachel said...

It's been fun, TK!
You'll be missed.

Civic Center said...

Ah, damn.

Michelle said...

sadness. just popped in for the Music Friday post and anything else I'd missed.
I get it, though. Way to go out on top, TK.

The Sonia Show said...

Thank you so much for your blog, TK. I have always loved reading it. I'm going to miss you!

TK said...

Thanks for the very nice words, everyone! Remember how you liked the Pixies and then forgot all about them in the mid-90s and then WHOA THE PIXIES ARE BACK AND I HAVE TO GET TICKETS THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER OH MAN I LOVE THE PIXIES SO MUCH in 2004? Remember?

That's what I'm shooting for.

See you guys on Twitter. Except you, Michael, what's up with that?


Andrea said...

Thanks for all you've written. I am more than a bit bummed. Happy trails.

Barbara Hagin said...

I and others will miss your wit and cleverness. I hope you change your mind. :-)

chris enquist said...

I'll miss reading your thoughts & observations. Enjoy your time now that it's over.

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