Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy AFD. A Story.

On the occasion of this April Fools' Day, allow me to recount my favorite - and maybe the only - AFD joke I ever did.

Back in Ye Olde Mid 90's, The Sister was graduating from All-Girl Preppy Prep School and looking at colleges. She had expressed an interest in New York University, which alarmed Dad to no end, as the thought of his daughter wandering around New York basically scared the shit out of him. Little did he know, but that's another story and I also promised The Sister I wouldn't say too much about her on this blog. The Sister applied to NYU but Dad basically let it be known that the whole thing was a nonstarter and she would not be going to NYU.

SO ANYWAY on April 1, 19__, I got my friend David, who sounds like a New York Jew because he is a New York Jew, to call my Dad up.

"Good morning, Sir!" David said. "I'm with the Admissions Office at New York University. I'm calling to tell you that we have decided to award your daughter a full scholarship here at NYU, including room and board."

There was no pause at all, "SHE'LL TAKE IT!!!" Dad said.

After about an hour we finally stopped laughing. Dad still cracks up about it to this day.

The Sister did not go to NYU.

Have a good weekend.

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DrFeelgood said...

OMG. LOL. really, i did.